Saturday, August 31, 2019

5e Modifications: Eye and Hand of Vecna

I don't like how 5e handles artifacts.  So I re-did the Eye and Hand of Vecna.  Enjoy!

Eye and Hand of Vecna

When wearing the Eye or Hand, a person’s alignment is permanently changed to Neutral Evil, no save.  The wearer craves power above all other things.  They never want to lose or take out the Eye or Hand.  Vecna also communicates with them in dreams sometimes.

Eye of Vecna:  appears as a normal Grey Eye. 
When worn the person gains: 
---Plus 2 to all ability scores
---120’ Darkvision, 120’ True Seeing, 60’ X-Ray vision
---Disintegrate Ray: shoots from the eye as a beam that extends 200’ distance.  As per the spell.  Once per day.  DC 20 Con save
---Can go Ethereal 1 hour per day, and can also see into the Ethereal 60’
---Proficient in Intimidate
---Cast Command 5 times a day DC 20 Wis Save
---Read any Language
---Gain 5 levels of Spell Slots, usable wherever the caster wants (Wizard Only)
---Three times per day on a melee hit, the person damaged loses 3d6 thousand XP.  (DC20 Con save for half, 1000 minimum) Not regainable by any spell.  The wearer gains that same 3d6 number (not multiplied by 1000) in HP. 

Hand of Vecna:  Appears as a clawed hand that was burnt in a fire.
When a person wears it, they gain:
---22 Strength
---Three times a day a touch drains 4 from one Random ability score of the victim.  (DC20 Con save for half, 1 minimum) Not regainable by any spell.
---Three times a day get to use the Ring of the Ram punching ability.
---Wall of Force 1x day
---Wall of Fire 1x day
---Gain the ability to make two bonus clawed melee attacks a round with the Hand itself, +13 to hit, 1-6 dmg each
If a lich of any type ever wears either the Eye or the Hand, it affects them the same as everyone else.  But also if they wear one they move up a category in terms of the type of lich they are, without the spells.  They wear two they gain two levels.  Making them an Arch-Lich,  If they were an Arch-Lich already or ever gain Arch-Lich status while wearing both items or due to wearing both items, Vecna himself takes over the caster’s body and mind and is for all intents and purposes materialized on the prime material plane as a God. 
If a non-lich wears both items at the same time, they gain all the abilities of the first level of lichdom, without the spells

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