Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Made an OSR Zine Run Today

Had a tad extra in the wallet this week after the bills were paid, so I made a Zine run.  :)

First I picked up the last couple issues of Tim Shorts' excellent print Zine "The Manor".  Always a good read.  In fact, +Erik Tenkar ran us through an adventure contained in one of them the other day, and it was a great time. :)

Next I picked up the first four of nine issues of another print Zine called "Crawl."  I've been hearing good things about it, and can't wait to dig in.

After that, I bought the print Zine "CrawlJammer" #1.  Figured I'd get in on the ground floor for this one.

A new one I just heard of today was Zogorion.  Issue one ordered of this print Zine.

Of course I can't forget to update my collection of +John Stater 's "Nod" Zine.  I needed 5 of the pdf's to bring me up to date.  He also has them all in print.  Both are available on LULU.

For the paid one I picked up today, last but not least is the new Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad.  Everyone's talking about this print Zine it seems.

A few new Zines were brought to my attention this week:

Encounter comes only in an electronic version, but it is free.  Four issues are out already, and have been downloaded.  :)

Another free one I just heard of is called & Magazine.  They have about 8-10 issues and supplements out already.

One that I'm shocked  I've never downloaded before is the Dragonsfoot site's magazine called "Footprints" of which there are already 20 issues published.  All have been downloaded.  

I ran out of extra cash by the time I got to Oubliette magazine, of which there have been 8 issues published so far.  Both print and pdf are available from LULU.

Both these and the rest of the Crawl Zines are for the next paycheck.  :)

Here's my question to any other Zine fans or publishers out there---what did I miss that I can still get my hands on? I prefer print, but I'll go for anything, as you can see.  Even stuff that's no longer updated or in print.  I just love the whole DIY aspect of Zines and the creativity they show.

Lastly, +Christian Walker +Christian Walker any Zines coming out soon?


  1. You missed three awesome zines.

    Six Iron Spikes & a small hammer


    Wizards, Mutants, and Lazer Pistols

  2. You missed Brave the labyrinth by Small Niche Games!


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