Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great D&D Find on Craigslist

I made a great find on Craigslist for D&D stuff the other day.  I was finally able to obtain the Holmes Boxed set.  I had the book as a separate thing for a while, but never owned the boxed set.  I also got a few bonuses with it that the seller wasn't aware of.  :)  (Ignore the red tint to the photos, just my mood lighting.  :)  )

Book and Dice, book in excellent condition.  Missing a 20-sider to the dice set, but the rest are there---the old mixed colored ones you needed to color in with the white crayon. :). 

Inside I found a complete Monster and Treasure levels 1-3. 

Also, 4 Dungeon Geomorphs. 

Someone photocopied the character sheets, there were about 20 in there.

Plus, maybe my favorite thing, I ended up with an actual player's character sheet, Isaac the Knight.  I love it when I find stuff like that.  It's like a little bit of history from someone's old campaign. 

As a bonus for not being able to ship to me when he said, he also included this module, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars by Jeff Grubb (MHSP-1) plus a brand new set of black/grey Chessex dice.  :)

All that for 20 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping isn't bad  :)


  1. Cool extras but, no chits?

    It ain't Holmes without a line of Dixie cups with your chits in them!

  2. That's one of the early ones (Just like the one I started with). It came with dice, not chits.


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