Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blood Island: The Sack of Dirkenfuge Keep (a FLAILSNAILS G+ hangout event, Sun. Aug 11, 1 pm EST)

Recently the Settlan tribe, the second most powerful tribe of Vikings (some would have said they were more powerful militarily, but the current Hader kept them in check through political maneuverings) was handed a massive setback. They developed some alchemical technology which allowed them to make their longships lighter than air, and able to fly short distances. They ascended to the pyramid plateau, setting up a series of under-protected and overextended bases. These bases were overrun by Hobgoblins, wild elves, and on the plateau itself by the Delig. Sadly, the secrets of their alchemists have been lost.

This setback allowed the Hader to consolidated his power base, gathering more clans under his banner. He recently received the sanction of all three religious clans, and launched a major assault on the largest hobgoblin fortress on the eastern side of the island, named Dirkenfuge Keep. It was an expensive victory in terms of money, men, and political clout, but it paid off. Now the Hader is determined to consolidate his victory by all means possible.

He has sent out a call to all adventurers who are willing to fight, even sending word through the Tunnels of Madness and Myst for aid.

The Missions:

  • Clear out the tunnels under the Dirkenfuge Keep: Many hobgoblins fled into these tunnels as the fortress fell to the vikings. They need to be rooted out. Only for the stout of heart, all levels and classes are welcome, but those of second level and above will have the best chances of success.
  • Pursue the retreating hobgoblins into the lands around the keep. Many fled to the woods, to bolt holes or to the safety of unknown allies. Find them and destroy them. Report back on the lands surrounding the Keep. Due to the unknown dangers, this should only be undertaken by those of at least 5th level of ability.
  • A long long tunnel, of the shape and style of those made by the Hoor, has been found a mile outside of the walls of the keep. Someone needs to go into it to find where it leads. This is an extremely dangerous mission, which only those of 7th level and above should even consider taking on.

Join us, Sunday Aug. 11, 1 pm EST on G+.  Sign up for the event if interested.  What we do depends on the levels of the people who show up.  FLAILSNAILS welcome!

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