Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Cultures Clash--Which Will Survive? Come to Zak's Show and Find Out!

On May 2, in NYC, +Zak Smith has a new art show at his gallery.  Last time we had a decent turnout of DnD types, maybe 15 or so.  It was a good time and a great way to connect with people in the area.  But we were far outnumbered by the Hipsters.  Let's change that.

We'll hit the bar, then hit the Compleat Strategist.

Then hit the bar again.

Then hit Zak's show.  

Afterwards, I imagine we'll hit the bar again.

Just don't hit the hipsters.  No matter how much you want to.

And believe me, you'll want to hit the hipsters.

Who's in!?!?


  1. Bonus points for any veteran gamers who find their mom's name tag sewn on a hipster's vintage plaid shirt or Members Only jacket.

  2. I may make it in, depending on my work schedule and "fun" funds on that day. It sounds like it be a fun jaunt into the wilds of Manhattan.

  3. I will be there! I've been looking to meet more gamers in NYC.

  4. When/where is the Nerd Battalion gathering?

  5. I'm not really in the Cool Kid OSR Club, but do you guys mind tagalongs?

  6. We are meeting at zaks show at 630. Happy to meet you there.

  7. I think by the time I get to you guys, it'll be far too late. It'll take me until at least 7:30 to get into the city.


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