Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Attention! People Who Play in Google Plus Hangout D&D Games, Or Those Who Want To

Would you be interested in this:

I currently run a home brew face to face DnD game, using LOTFP as the rule set. It is a harsher grittier world and game than traditional DnD. I was thinking of running a game here on G+, non-flailsnails, in the same world with the same system that takes place on a different continent of my world, where what you guys do here on G+ affects what happens in my face to face game and vice-versa. It will not be a dungeon crawl, it will be a full scale campaign. Dungeons may be a part of it here and there, but it is a sandbox game where you are in control of your own destinies. I have a full blown player handout if we decide to get this off the ground, but here's the gist of it:

There are no gods of good or evil. The church is like the mafia. Good and evil as concepts do not exist. It's just them v us. If you are looking to play a paladin or a hero, this is not the game for you.

Likewise, if you can't be a self-directed adventurer, this is also not the game for you. By that I mean you won't be sitting at the bar waiting for rumors of some lost city, or have a damsel in distress come in crying for help. You need to go out and based on who and what you know, what you discover and learn, and what you do, forge your own destiny. I'll give tons of hooks and info, you guys take all that and run with it and make of your pc's what you will.

You can only play as a human and in one of the four basic classes in LOTFP. All other races and classes are npc types to be discovered.

You have no history or backstory. You will be from a village in the middle nowhere with no knowledge of the rest of the world around you. Your sister wasn't captured by orcs waiting to be rescued, your father wasn't a great warrior, etc. you are nothing but what you make if yourself as an adventurer.

No one cares about you ---not the gods, the church, the rulers, maybe not even your own village-you're not special, no one has a destiny, there are no noble quests waiting to be taken. The level of sociopathy in this world is much higher than in our own. If anything this is a Darwinian story-game about power and survival. Brains, cunning and survival instincts of the player will determine how well you do here.

I know the game style is not for everyone. It took me a year of searching in real life to put together a face to face group that this appealed to, another year of play to get a solid group of players who enjoy and are good at playing such a game, after going thru a dozen or so others who tried it and found it not to their tastes.

Have no illusions, it's dangerous. In a year my group has gone thru about twenty five pc's and followers combined. One guy who left the group said I dm'd the game like Tony Soprano would. Which I took as a great compliment, because it's what I was aiming for in the tone and theme of the campaign.

With all that being said, is anyone interested in such a game to be run on G+ every other Friday night from about 9 pm USA east coast time until midnight or so?

Player intro doc here:



  1. Sooo tempting, especially since I am waiting for my new hardcover :)

    I just don't think I can swing another night of gaming. Good luck.

  2. Damn, Friday night, my girl would kill me...I would love to be in there though!

  3. Hey, I'd like to give it a try, never gamed on G+ before and have wanted to try it out. The game background seems to fit my style, as I like the starting from a commoners background and the gritty tough world.

  4. joe, i might join if i can get clearance from the wife - wont have fridays free until near the end of the month

  5. I don't see it starting until the end of the month anyhow Erik, so that would work fine. I have the end of July off, the last week, where I will be preparing things for the kickoff.

  6. minitrue whats your email address? i'll send you some info

  7. I'd definitely be interested. I haven't gotten a chance to try gaming in G+ yet, but would love to try, and I can commit to the Friday night thing. Let me know.

  8. Hey, it's minitrue@gmail.com


  9. This sounds awesome, I'd love to give it a go. If you still need players I'd love to join.

  10. Any space left?

    Got the LotFP boxed set and really want to dig into it and end of July start would be plenty of time to ramp up.


  11. Hi! Did you ever get this going? I have been looking for a place to play some old school D&D.


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