Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vesper's Diary: VIZ Baby!

A write-up on my ACKS campaign run by Tenkar on G+ on Saturday night, from the POV of my character Vesper, the Nightblade, an elven assassin.

Well, we left the human village of Patheticeastbumfuckia behind. On the way out we helped ourselves to their gold and silver. Then we got raped financially at the toll bridge. Note to self: Go back and slaughter all the toll bridge people and take all their money next time I pass through the area.
We were on our way to Blackmarsh castle, where I hoped to hook up with my brethren, but were distracted along the way by some orcs chasing an old guy. We wiped out the troops, and in my enthusiasm for torture and grisly work, I ended up scaring the orc captain too much, and he refused to talk after a wee bit of torture. Pussy. No major loss, as Curio was able to charm him and we now have an orc bitch informant, giving us vital info about the mine we are about to enter.

Why enter another mine? VIZ!!! Every spellcaster's dream. I don't know what lord of person the mine belongs to, but I figure a fair price for its liberation is that Curio and I take all the Viz we can carry out of there.

We just beat the front door guards, and I am penning this as I await the other members getting themselves ready before we enter.

Note to self: Don't forget to ask about something to allow me to see in the dark once I get to Blackmarsh. I got this nifty cat's eye, but it only works in low light unfortunately, not the dark of night or of caves. I still need to have a light source when I scout ahead, which defeats the purpose of scouting. What kind of an assassin needs a torch or lantern?

Speaking of assassin, its hilarious that the other members of my group can't seem to call me that. I am a proud member of the Order of Nightblades, known throughout the lands as elven assassins. Yet the other members keep calling me thief, specialist, rogue, even mage sometimes. Their human morality and ethical sensibilities apparently cannot let them even accept the fact that they adventure through the lands with an elven assassin. I guess they think they're better than me. How ironic!

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