Thursday, May 3, 2012

ConstantCon/FLAILSNAILS Zagyg Expeditions: The Key is Found! The way to the Castle is Clear! Be the First Group In! Free Ginsu Steak Knives!

The noble adventurers Kellan (+Chris Hales) Graham (+Darcy Wyatt and Corwin Marshall (+Joey Lindsey) and a couple of newly deceased henchmen cleared the way to the Castle itself!  They found the key and activated it during the third of the Zagyg Expeditions this past weekend, finding much magic and gold in the Dark Chateau. 

The Castle has appeared from the fog, several miles away.  Who will be the first to explore its depths?  The Google+ ConstantCon/FLAILSNAILS Expedition continues!  The fourth Expedition begins Friday at 9 pm East Coast USA Times (EST).

All characters of levels 1-5 are welcome.  Base system  is AD&D 1st edition.  I'll handle any conversions, just bring a badass and let the plundering begin! 

(Any cowards out there who won't brave the Castle are welcome to continue to continue to plunder the Chateau.  Apparently most of what was in the basement was too powerful for our brave adventurers to face.  :)  )


  1. I would have been down for plundering the basement but I'm allergic to deadly centipede poison.

  2. you might have lost a limb, at most. pussy. :)


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