Saturday, May 19, 2012

Behold, "Sir The Fist"

No, it's not a submissive's humble request for a sexual favor. Behold my new FLAILSNAILS character, Sir The Fist of Uther, most humble follower of Uther, God of Magic.  He is known simply as "Sir The Fist" to his close friends. 

Yup, another one bit the dust.  I've lost 4 at this point, 3 to deaths and 1 to captivity.  Looking back at the common denominators to their deaths, I decided to create a character to overcome certain disadvantages.

Cause of death:  Shitty AC, I got hit more than a red-headed step-child.  Solution:  Create a fighter.
Cause of death:  HP went down far too fast, not enough healing.  Solution:  Create a cleric
Cause of death:  Couldn't take the bad guys out fast enough, or alternatively get the hell out of there in some creative way.  Solution:  Create a magic-user.

How to implement all those classes? Half-elf baby!

Sir The Fist of Uther, hereinafter abbreviated STFU, is a half-elf follower of the god of magic, with the stated goal of liberating all magic from whoever has it, for the greater good of Uther. And himself, of course.

His tales will be told here.  Humbly, of course.

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