Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is This Stupid?

Reading some stupid comments from some stupid people on how DnDNext feels like OD&D (on stupid ENWorld, of course) and had a stupid thought--if they wanted sales from fans of all editions, why not just sell all editions?  Saves development costs and everything.  I guess I'm just being stupid though.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Behold, "Sir The Fist"

No, it's not a submissive's humble request for a sexual favor. Behold my new FLAILSNAILS character, Sir The Fist of Uther, most humble follower of Uther, God of Magic.  He is known simply as "Sir The Fist" to his close friends. 

Yup, another one bit the dust.  I've lost 4 at this point, 3 to deaths and 1 to captivity.  Looking back at the common denominators to their deaths, I decided to create a character to overcome certain disadvantages.

Cause of death:  Shitty AC, I got hit more than a red-headed step-child.  Solution:  Create a fighter.
Cause of death:  HP went down far too fast, not enough healing.  Solution:  Create a cleric
Cause of death:  Couldn't take the bad guys out fast enough, or alternatively get the hell out of there in some creative way.  Solution:  Create a magic-user.

How to implement all those classes? Half-elf baby!

Sir The Fist of Uther, hereinafter abbreviated STFU, is a half-elf follower of the god of magic, with the stated goal of liberating all magic from whoever has it, for the greater good of Uther. And himself, of course.

His tales will be told here.  Humbly, of course.

Castle Zagyg Last Night: How the Hell Did That Happen?

The  players assaulted the goblins in the gatehouse.  They cleared them out in under 10 minutes of game time, in a record-breaking bloody slaughterfest.  Then they did something that surprised me---after killing the "king", the one remaining surrendering goblin was appointed to "king" over all the rest of the goblins, by the players at swordpoint, with the players as his advisers.

After a couple of failed intelligence checks, it was made clear to the new king what the role of "advisers" was in relation to the king, after he was shown the bloody corpse of the old king. 

The new king made a grand proclamation of his new status to the remaining goblins, all words being under two syllables, and after promising the goblins booze and most of the former king's prostitutes, he was celebrated as the new king.  The small group of humans at the outer gates were scared off, and somehow now the players  control, through their goblin king, a chunk of the castle upper works.  How the fuck that happened is a mystery to me.  It was totally unexpected, but that's the way the dice determined it to be, and who am I to argue with the all-knowing dice.

This raises all kinds of complications, as the players are now a threat to the nearby pirate city.  There are also all sorts of potential ramifications as relates to the rest of the inhabitants and power groups of the castle.  This is the stuff of campaigns with regular groups of players, not just a random pickup dungeon crawl.   Since as I have a solid group of four players, with some occasional pickup guys from week to week,  I suggested we make this into a regular campaign for the core group, while allowing any other FLAILSNAILS guys to join in if they want.  Everyone was in agreement and seemed excited at the prospect.

I setup a forum over at my meetup group for this game.  I pay 15 bucks a month for it, and mostly use it for my in person D&D game, so I figured what the hell, may as well maximize its use.  If you want to check out what is going on in either of the campaigns I run, go to

(If anyone wants to use my meetup as a place to host their games, or discussion boards for their games, whether FLAILSNAILS type or in person, feel free to let me know and I will set it up.)

Anyhow, the FLAILSNAILS pickup aspect of the game continues, working alongside and  in conjunction with a regular campaign group.  Who knows which plane the magical Castle Zagyg will bounce around to next.  Somehow I find myself managing an additional regular campaign, with political real world complications, domain management, and all the other extra creative things that go along with a campaign from both sides of the DM screen.  So now I have a regular in person game I DM on Sundays, the Saturday night game Tenkar runs in which I am a player, and this Friday night Zagyg campaign to DM.  I look forward to the challenge, while I shake my head wondering how this happened.  :)

How I handled the conversion from pickup to regular group in relation the FLAILSNAILS thing, is that these guys are clones operating in a parallel universe.  Whatever, right.  Essentially it means that these characters are the same as the FS characters at the time we all decided to go with a campaign, but what they do and get from here on out operates in a different timestream, in other words they won't play these characters in any FS game, while the twin brothers they have in the FS campaign won't be able to play in Castle Zagyg.  The two worlds no longer interact, or affect each other.  What happens in one world doesn't affect the other character in the other world. This will not apply to pickup FLAILSNAILS guys who want to join us every Fridays night.

Anyhow, join us every Friday at 9 mp EST.  It's a great time, and getting better every week!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why the Next Issue of Loviatar May Be Late

Christian has better things to do, trying to catch up to this insane bastard.  :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Has G+ Replaced Blogs and Boards as your Primary RPG/Gaming/OSR Keepinguponshit Resource?

I seem to spend more time on G+ than in the other places.  Seems the boards I used to go to were slowly replaced by my bloglist, and now my bloglist is being replaced by G+.  We all  still post to our blogs, but I've noticed that we usually post the link to the blogpost on G+, and most of the discussion about the blogpost happens on G+.  Anyone else notice this?

Which leads me to a second point which I'll re-iterate here---please only add me to your DnD/RPG/Sci-fi/Fantasy type circles on G+.  It's not that I don't love your cute cat pictures, or a detailed list of what you drank on spring break in 1997, but seriously...take the time to look before you post and don't just post to "public."  You have less chance of ending up in someone's "Cat People" circle that way.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Children, Ritual Cannibalism, Cults, and D&D

So my nephew was indoctrinated into the second stage of the local cult's hierarchy today, via ritual cannibalism.  So I bought him D&D, a game wherein he can learn about necromancy, demon summoning, home invasions, assassination, and how to take everyone's shit once you've murdered them. 

In other words, I bought the nephew the Pathfinder Boxed Set for his first communion today.  Why?  Because fuck you to all the biblethumpers of the early 80's, that's why.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ConstantCon/FLAILSNAILS Zagyg Expeditions: The Key is Found! The way to the Castle is Clear! Be the First Group In! Free Ginsu Steak Knives!

The noble adventurers Kellan (+Chris Hales) Graham (+Darcy Wyatt and Corwin Marshall (+Joey Lindsey) and a couple of newly deceased henchmen cleared the way to the Castle itself!  They found the key and activated it during the third of the Zagyg Expeditions this past weekend, finding much magic and gold in the Dark Chateau. 

The Castle has appeared from the fog, several miles away.  Who will be the first to explore its depths?  The Google+ ConstantCon/FLAILSNAILS Expedition continues!  The fourth Expedition begins Friday at 9 pm East Coast USA Times (EST).

All characters of levels 1-5 are welcome.  Base system  is AD&D 1st edition.  I'll handle any conversions, just bring a badass and let the plundering begin! 

(Any cowards out there who won't brave the Castle are welcome to continue to continue to plunder the Chateau.  Apparently most of what was in the basement was too powerful for our brave adventurers to face.  :)  )