Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fuck WOTC and their Christmas Layoffs

The Christmas layoffs continue. 

Good luck to Rich Baker and Steve Winter, and whoever else may have gotten the axe today.  Hope you land on your feet soon guys.


  1. Gotta love seasonal layoffs. Why not just hire contractors and stop pretending to have a company with anything approaching loyalty.

  2. Love this snippet from one of the enworld posters:

    "In such an atmosphere, how are you supposed to create top standard creative work?"

    No comment.

  3. Steve Winter is a regular guest at the North Texas RPG Con, a long time employee of TSR/WOTC (his first work was on the classic I1 The Forgotten City), and a helluva nice guy. We here at the NTRPG con wish him the best of luck, and hope to see him at the con again next year.

  4. I agree completely with JDJarvis's comment. If you can be let go at any minute, it is hard to put in your best effort. Folks like a little stability.

    No idea on the contracts these folks signed, but if it is so open-ended why not forget about hiring peeps and just go with contract work only? Or at least sign people for employment at 3-4 year stints.

  5. I agree with the contracts. I'd hate to have my every year at a job be uncertain like that.
    Looks like someone at Wizards (or Hasbro) is having a nice Christmas vacation on Steve and Rich's account.

  6. Sorry to see those guys lose their jobs. Corporations are heartless 'persons', and in this case, they would seem to be less than wise. I guess it was time to 'right size'/'future endeavor' somebody!

    I'm a fan of Winter especially. He was there a long time; he started with TSR in 1981.(Wikipedia has some good starting details, as does Pen and Paper database.) His work speaks for itself, I'd say. Marvel Superheroes and Star Frontiers in particular. One could also make a case for the RPG module that became one of the best PC/NES CRPGs of all time as well: Pool of Radiance(One of my faves!) Not to mention his stellar work on the AD&D 2nd Edition Ruleset and worlds.

    Rich Baker joined Winter at TSR roughly 10 years later, it seems. He did Spelljammer and Player's Option(s) for 2nd Ed as well as Alternity(and Star*Drive and Dark Matter). And of course, 3rd Ed stuff and beyond. Wow, he designed the 4th Edition Dark Sun?(which I thought was a success?!?!) And they let him go...

    @Badmike: I think you mean 'I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City'. It is indeed a classic! More of Winter's sterling editorial work in action.

    @JDJarvis: Spot on.

  7. Well that just sucks. Rich is a great guy; he was my manager for my brief stint at WoTC. I still remember the look on his face when the Nisqually quake was shaking the building. I was standing in his doorway, bracing myself. He was looking at me like "what are you doing?" until he too realized what was happening. Effing Hasbro.


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