Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the Use of "He" or "She" in Gaming Material

Both Zach and Odyssey have interesting points to make.

I'll just say this:  I'll put "she" in there all over the place if I ever publish something.

So you know how big a moment this is:

In college in the late 80's (yeah, I'm an old fuck) I worked at a convenience store which sold cigarettes.  One of the perks of the job was that I got first dibs on any cigarette schwag they passed out to get people to smoke more.  I had unlimited t-shirts, lighters, mugs---and my most prized possessions--Virginia Slims boxer underwear. They were marketing to women, and women in men's boxer's was hot at the time.  (Shit, it's still hot to me.)  The more boxers I had, the less often I had to do laundry.  #Winning!

Anyhow, Virginia Slims' slogan at the time was "You've come a long way baby!"  So I had like 7 boxers with that slogan tattooed all over it.  As a guy who grew up watching All in the Family and thinking that Archie Bunker was usually right BACK THEN-- because that's just how I was brought up--- (yeah, I'm an old fuck)---

--take a look at this, and repeat after me:  We've come a long way baby!


Now excuse me as I continue to watch/listen to Lady Gaga's live performance on Howard Stern, and get choked up, after hearing her describe what it's actually about...








  1. You are aware that "article" is likely a fake: http://www.snopes.com/language/document/goodwife.asp

  2. Doesn't change the point of me linking to it does it?

  3. Who'd have thought that what was essentially a parenthetical aside on my blog would cause such churn?

  4. Conversely, I'll never buy from a RPG company that uses "she" as a pronoun over "he". Nothing, ever.

  5. I don't mind reading she vs. he, although I do prefer they either mix it up a bit (maybe alternating pronouns for each different example/section) or else go with a consistent DM = she / player = he kind of thing.

    @Badmike: Seriously?

  6. My game only uses he or she when referring to specific characters. I do use a good bit of they, as well as a few other dodges.

  7. @mikemoaco:

    I should have specified. D&D has an audience and buying public that is 90% male. Some other RPGs (World of Darkness, for example) are more balanced, and alternating pronouns would be acceptable and not as distracting. For D&D, there is no reason to use the female pronoun; acutally, it's use is unfathomable. I felt the attempt by WOTC to do so was very insincere and quite unnecessary.

  8. There's a real ad from back in the day, suggesting that women should douche with Lysol so that they don't repel men with their lady parts' "stench".



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