Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is There Any Doubt That Paizo Rules the RPG Industry?

The swept the ENnies, beating WOTC wherever they competed.  The only Gold WOTC won was for a "boardgame", in the category of "Best RPG Related Product" or some shit.  Too many jokes come to mind for that one. 

ICv2 released its latest quarterly report, and Paizo wins yet again.

What a sad ending for what was once a good company. 


  1. I think it's pretty clear Paizo is the ascendant company of the two.

    WotC has a great brand name and powerful organized play network. That's what's keeping them from a pure nosedive right now.

  2. WOTC as a company is still solid... Magic: The Gathering is still a huge success. Their treatment of D&D in the 4th edition era has been sketchy, though. I was horrified when Paizo got cut off from Dungeon Magazine & Dragon Magazine, but in hindsight it was probably the best thing that ever happened to them.

  3. Pathfinder is a very solid product with a lot of great writers, illustrators and designers behind it. I am glad that they swept the awards up.

  4. It makes me think of the Oscars. It doesn't matter that bigger studios don't win as many awards; their name is still more recognizable by the average person. I wonder who would win if you polled hard-core gameplayers and casual gameplayers which one they liked better.

  5. WOTC may not be doing as well at the moment, but I hope that they do better in 5e or whatever.This is probably because, like Adam said, the brand is more recognizable to the average person and if the most well known brand goes to shit, what hope does the hobby have?

  6. [I]f the most well known brand goes to shit, what hope does the hobby have?

    How 'bout a new brand name?

  7. The hobby is fine.

    The industry is f*****.

    And that makes me very happy.

    Reading peoples reactions who are at GenCon confirms many things I have believed for sometime. There is a sense of well being in the hobby, less bad attitude at the booths. No one big anything just a lot of folks having a good time talking and gaming.

    The way it should be.

    The hobby business has returned full force and it makes this a modern 'golden age' for gamers.

    I'm lovin' every minute of it :)

    As for Paizo, I'm not so much a fan of the PF game but by god they know how to keep the players happy and that's what counts. Congratulations on the wins at the trophy table.

  8. I think people love Paizo and vote for them. I don't think anyone loves Wizards of the Coast.

    Note that I didn't say Pathfinder and D&D4e there; I think it's largely about the companies.

    Personally, I love 4e (and I also like Pathfinder), but I didn't go out of my way to show my love for the game by voting for it in the Ennies. I didn't even vote in the Ennies (even though I volunteered to man the Ennies booth at GenCon for two hours). I just don't feel that passionately.

    I think Pathfinder fans DO feel passionate about their game, and I think it's because of their relationship with the company that makes it.


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