Friday, August 26, 2011

All Day Hurricane Google+ Constantcon D&D Event! Play 'til the Power Goes Out!

Because I've got nothing better to do than drinkin' a 6 pack or two and eating cold pizza while the world ends---I'll be running D&D over Google+ this Sunday, starting at 1 pm Eastern USA time.  I may run Castle Zagyg Upper Works, or a classic module or two.  Ruleset = AD&D/Osric.  Basically, I'm gonna play 'til the power goes out, or I pass out, and hope that there is no work the next day, 'cause like, hangover...

If interested, go to my Google+ page at 1 pm EST Sunday.  If I still have power, I'll be there.

(I'm Joe Thelawyer on Google+)


  1. Keep it safe Joe. I have a special friend in NY but she is more than capable of taking care of herself and no doubt will be helping those who cannot help themselves as she does a lot of NYC volunteer work.

    *Waves @ Davis*

  2. Hi Guys, and thanks Rob. Should be an interesting weekend, to say the least. I'm in Connecticut, about 20 minutes from the coast and near a place where 2 rivers join, but no one knows yet where this randomly spinning top will end up. It could be a mess or a miss...but even the miss will do some damage. Really enjoyed reading your recent interview Rob. Maybe we can get to our some day? ;)

    Davis, you've been on a tear recently with your blog---I especially liked the castle plans and the ruins one. I wish I could have seen the place in its heyday.

    Last real big Hurricane we had here was in '85 I think. Gloria. I was 15, and had a paper route back then, back when it was safe to send kids out to deliver papers without fear of abduction and beheading. Anyhow, we picked up the papers earlier in the day, but the storm hit at the same time. I remember when the eye hit us, the news said we had about 15 minutes of peace until we got nailed. My brother and I ran down the streets at Mach 3 and delivered the papers in record time, making it back just before it hit again. At the end of the week you would think we'd get a bonus tip for that, right? Cheap-ass customers gave their customary nickels and dimes. This time around I plan to stay safely inside, playing D&D, like I shoulda done in '85. :)

  3. "Really enjoyed reading your recent interview Rob. Maybe we can get to our some day? ;)

    You don't know what you're asking, Joe. I'm a controversial "f**ker" who just doesn't care about the norms, you know? I was raised in an age where everyone had a "New York Opinion" and stated it bluntly and instantly. There's way too much milquetoast in people these days, all wanting to agree (my ENWorld monster I made back in 2001, the "Gre'ers")and getting too easily offended if you even look at them the wrong way, or those who apologize for sating to another in advance that they "might, disagree, in part, but not whole, so please do not take it the wrong way, know what I mean, that is, no offense, as I understand that you are you, and I am me, and..." Well, you get the point. My heroes are Ambrose Bierce, among others, so you can go from there.

    There would have to be a new line in the questions, I think, that is, as opposed to the old set we worked through, as my intents and reasons for these have changed these days. So has my email, but I'll drop you a mail and we can chat by phone again after the 'cane departs. Be safe!

  4. You get a hurricane and an earthquake.In one week. You know, they say these things come in threes. Earthquake, hurricane... what comes next.


    Good luck with that one.

  5. Good luck with the game, Joe. Hope you make it through Armageddon Irene. Personally I've taken every precaution... and by every precaution I mean that I order an extra Little Caesar's pizza just in case I need some rations to tide me over until the world resumes.

  6. Rob, I agree, it would have to go along a different track, as many of the points we discussed were covered in that recent interview. As to your bluntness, well, tip-toeing over people's wussy sensibilities of political correctness and phony ass-kissing-based niceness to get ahead in the industry isn't exactly my M.O. either. I'm not scared to ask the questions, and you've got no qualms about answering them. Should make for a great interview. :)

    There's one huge area we discussed on the phone that I would love to get into, that we both know would knock the socks off people, but I gave my word that I wouldn't discuss it without your permission, and I haven't and won't. I think that would be a great lead-in. And I know that's just the tip of the iceberg. :) Please do email me and maybe we could get into it again.

    Well, off to see if there's a loaf of bread left in the state. Apparently its a ritual, that whenever a storm hits the northeast we all eat bread and drink milk all day. Cya!

  7. Damn, I am about to head out for a while, but I might try to peek in later and see how it is going.


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