Friday, July 8, 2011

There Needs to be a Skype Pick-up PnP D&D Game Hub

So I'm sitting here tonight, bored, nothing on TV, no movies to see, a rainy lazy night.  I don't want to login to any MMO-type games, and I've read myself to death already today.  What I want to do is join a pick-up D&D group---right now.  But I can't, because although somewhere I'm sure there's a Skype game going on, where they need and would welcome another player, I don't know about it. 

One of you business savvy computer type people ought to get on that project, right away.  You can have scheduled events that people sign up for, and also pickup groups that people list on the spur of the moment, and others can drop in on, if they're having a night like mine, and play a quick module.

Inspiration:  the DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) MMO.  You login, see quests listed for a certain level, see people already in the quest, and you click on it if you want to join.  Bingo, instant gaming.  Works sometimes, but as we all know, a D&D MMO just ain't the same as real PnP D&D.


  1. maybe google+ video chat room will be a good venue for this? Dunno - waiting on space to open up

  2. Now THAT is a wondrous imagining!! I'd definitely play.

  3. That's so crazy, it just might work. Well, I'm crazy enough to think it is a good idea, at least. :)

    - Ark

  4. Or you could just get your butt out to Morristown, NJ and play at DexCon. ;-)

  5. I'd try it.

    Unfortunately I have no tech or business savvy, so I'ma have to wait for some other enterprising schmoe to take your suggestion and run with it.

  6. :) I actually planned on coming down Joe, then I got a vet bill for 650 bucks. Sorta put a spike in the plans...

  7. Ragnaroks is talking about
    Google+ Hangouts

    Facebook's Skype is going to try to do the same.

  8. I tried doing something like this awhile back, tried to work things out with multiple local dms running a sandbox shared world. conflict of interests was the sticking point. everyone had very different ideas on both setting and system haha.

    I set up blogger as the hub with wave as a message board, and had a chat box for off topic out of character stuff. the idea was in town took place online, adventuring over the tabletop.


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