Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paizo Outsells WOTC in RPG Books

When Lisa Stevens, Paizo owner and CEO, was asked "'re saying that it's your belief that the Pathfinder brand has a higher sales volume than the D&D brand"

Her response:

"At this time in history, that is what I have been told by people in the hobby distribution trade, the book trade, and other avenues that both games sell their products into. If you talk to the various retailers, it is a mixed bag, with one telling you one thing and another a different story. But when you talk to the folks who sell those retailers the product that they sell, then you get a clearer picture.

And I am just talking table-top RPG business. I am not talking about board games or card games or video games or whatnot. Just books and digital copies of those books for use in playing a table-top RPG.



Read it here, as well as the rest of the discussion.


  1. The King is dead... Long Live The King!

    And the spirit of the D&D rpg passes beyond mere ownership of a name.

  2. Countdown to Hasbro buying out Paizo so that they can relabel Pathfinder as "Fifth Edition."

  3. This may have been impressive if Pathfinder was anything more than a straight D&D rip-off with only minor differences.

  4. uhm, with the OGL how can anything really be a ripoff?

    Besides, the whole point of Pathfinder was to keep 3x as a living system. I think it has done it's job exceedingly well.

  5. damn it, now I have to go out and buy pathfinder stuff just to help push wotc over the cliff

  6. @ Daesumnor: That's not the point. What is impressive is that WotC totally screwed with what every ones perception of D&D is and it looks like the majority don't like super powers and WoW-esque item rarity etc.

    It's impressive that a company that isn't nearly as big as the giant corp that WotC is could garner enough faith in the community to outsell the people with the rights to the D&D name.

    There is just a lot to be learned from this, especially by WotC, if they are willing to accept it.

  7. My name is The Grey Elf, and I approve of this blog post.

  8. How ironic that had Hasbro deigned to let Paizo renew the license for DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines, there would very likely be no Pathfinder and Paizo would very likely be creating adventure paths for 4E.

  9. Very well said, folks who sell those retailers are makes a great source to lessen confusion. My my gotta find these pathfinder.


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