Friday, July 22, 2011

One Man's Reaction to the Death of Eddard Stark

This guy has a lot of rants ahead of him, if he gets this worked up at Ed Stark's death...I can't say as I disagree with the guy.  I pretty much said the same thing when I read the books...I may have said it a bit differently, but definitely with the same feeling.  :)


  1. I quit reading the series because of it.

    I felt that it was an extremely low move on the part of Martin. Hyperbolic or not, but I'm used to going into a series expecting the obvious main character.. not to die at the end of the first book in a series. I wish I'd bought them one at a time, as it would have saved me money. Instead I'm stuck with books I don't want to read. How can I invest the time or energy to reading his books if I can't trust him to have his main characters survive? The simple answer is, he can't be trusted. Knowing what I do now about the series, I'm completely thrilled I didn't waste any more time on his books.

    In retrospect its become clear that Danny and Tyrion are the "Main Characters" of the westeros books.. but that wasn't exactly spelled out in the first one.. which was almost entirely about Ned.

    I can't imagine Tom Clancy would be nearly as famous if he had offed Jack Ryan at the end of Hunt for Red October, I certainly wouldn't have kept reading his books. I can pretty much say the same for Robert Langdon, Dirk Pitt, Rand Al'Thor, and any other Main character you care to name.

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  3. Rex, I believe I speak for the many fans of the book, when I say that you made a really, truly, tragic, and stupid decision. I really urge you to pick the book back up- the whole series is excellent.

  4. To be blunt. Not a chance in hell. I already feel as if I wasted my time on the first book. What's tragic would be wasting more time getting invested in more characters that I already know Martin kills off. What was stupid, was buying into the hype and wasting 120$ buying all four hardcovers, new, because people just kept on about them.

    Martin felt the need to kill off the main character. If I have no reason to keep reading your book(s), then I won't. If Tyrion or Daeynarus were meant to be viewed as the main characters, then they should have been presented as such from the get go. But I certainly didn't take that position from the books, I viewed them as distractions from the obvious main character of Ned.

    Though I'll be honest, I figured Bran for the main character at first. Martin had already poisoned the well with me, but I was willing to forgive until I got to the end. Martin's in good company too, I quit reading the Dune series when Herbert killed off Paul.

  5. I guess its not a matter of good of a bad decision dropping off from reading the series, it is a matter that some readers are after different things.

    I personally like the whole story, not a character. there are people who like a character then the story.

    as with the Youtube reaction, the character death did also move me. but I realized the way it moved me showed how well the story was told, making me go on and read the stories of all the other characters.

  6. Oh boo hoo, Rex. It's a childish way to look at it that if everyone doesn't survive it's not a good series. If anything, you get more attached to characters because you know that nobody is safe. Just because something happens that you didn't like doesn't mean the series is bad, it means that you can't look at the greater message behind it. Ned's death shows that Westeros is a place where honor can get you killed, and you have to be willing to do underhanded things to keep your head. Ned stuck to his honor so much that he died for it.

  7. Best decision ever! I wish I'd had the good sense to quit reading when they killed Ned Stark. (spoiler ahead). GRRM kills off most main characters, then he kills the plot, then he kills your interest in reading any further. After reading "A Feast for Crows" I couldn't stomach anymore. I bought "A Dance with Dragons" but I'm not going to bother reading it. Anybody who's tried getting through Robert Jordan's never-ending "Wheel of Time" story will understand. Thank the gods I waited to read "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". It has a beginning, a middle, and an novel (pun intended).

  8. addendum: This smacks of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" saga. For those of you who haven't read this series here's a paraphrase of how King ends the story. "Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed this series. Please remember it's not the ending that matters, it's the journey. That said, I can't think of how to end it which is why I'm typing these words. Thank you for buying my books...SUCKERS!!!". That truly and honestly is how King ends that series...and ya know what? It was a better story and had more meat on it than ASOIAF.


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