Friday, June 24, 2011

On Making a Living in the RPG Biz

Two interesting articles, on the heels of the recent WOTC layoffs...

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  1. People just need to live their dreams even if it means not giving up their dayjob. Artists, those who express and create, are not going to be able to turn it into a business. No matter how talented or how much effort is put into art there is simply no guarantee that what you write, draw or in any way create is going to translate into money.

    If you want to write books, or modules, or redesign games or come up with new games, do it. Do it because that is your dream and see what happens.

    Art as a financial plan, creating as a job skill, that can be a dream killer.

    My advice is to not kill your dreams by making art tied to making money. Work for money, create for the love of what you do.

    Go into game design figuring you're already dead, you've already starved to death and that it just hasn't happened yet.


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