Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodman's New Game--DCC RPG

Skimmed thru it.  Won't play it.

Art:  I could give two shits about art that reminds me of art from D&D books in the 70's.  Call me a heretic, but I didn't think that the original D&D art was that great in the first place.  It was cartoonish.  People in my high school could doodle better crap than that at their lunch break. 

I'm not at all a sophisticated or classy person.  For art to be good to me, it has to either 1) make me scared, 2) make me cry, 3) make me happy 4) make me say WTF!?!?! or 5) give me a boner.  That's it.  1970's D&D art does none of that.

Ask yourself---is the artwork good in its own right?  Or is it good because it just reminds you of happier more carefree days of playing D&D all weekend with your friends in the 80's?

Spells and their tables:  Yeah, lets complicate shit unnecessarily.  Good idea.   No one really likes reliability in their spellcasters anyhow.

Dice:  Where the fuck do I buy them?  Its hard enough to get people to play your old school games now---so lets throw in some required dice that no one owns and has never heard of before whydontcha. 

Ask yourself this:  Is the game just overall neat on some indescribable level?  Reminding you of good times in the past?  Will you just be stealing stuff from it?  Using it as inspiration? Or will you actually play the thing?

It seems to me that the value in a game is proven when people actually play the thing with other people, and as a result those other people then go out and buy it.  If that doesn't happen, what's the sense?  Go ahead, steal shit from it, read it and get ideas, take a stroll down artwork memory lane.  But if you do so, call it what it is---a splatbook, or a source of alternative rules, like Arcana Unearthed.

If most people use it as a splatbook, or source of inspiration or a source for some alternate rules, then as a game in its own right it is a failure.

I'll take some bloggers word for it that it is old school in style.  If thats the case, and it draws more people to the old school tables, than hurray.  I hope it works out that way.  I just don't think it will, because of the above.

We'll see how it works out.


  1. Someone didn't eat their Wheaties this morning.

  2. That was pretty rad, almost Your Dungeon Is Suck-esque. :)

    As for me, I own lots of D&D. I don't need any more D&D. Not even D&D with d5s or whatever.

  3. Wow... I thought my review was negative.

  4. Shit-disturber!



  5. I made a mistake when first reading the design notes on the forum.

    And please understand everyone is free to make a system and I'm glad that we can do that.

    But I'm AD&D1e born and bred and race as class is not in my playbook and I stopped there.

    I wish them all the best with the launch but my heart and mind will always belong to race and class as separate entities. I owned and played the White Box after I had been playing Advanced for sometime and could just never get into it.

  6. Thank Iomedae that I'm not the only one. I've been keeping my mouth shut because I figured it be safer to keep my head down and my mouth shut. I'm glad you had the guts to stand up and say it first
    I've been looking through it and while I'm sure it is a fine game, in and of itself, it does not seem to be any better or more fun than anything I already own.

    I've been saying that about the dice since I first heard this game was going to be made. Don't a set of those cost something like $30 from Game Science? WTF? Those things better be made out of real dragon bones and trimmed in gold for that price.

    I own hundreds of different rpg books from a couple of dozen different system and I see nothing in this game that I can't get from them.

    When it comes to "old school gaming" I have my Expert set, my Rules Cyclopedia, my 2e books and tons of amazingly well done OSR books (Dark Dungeon, S&W, LL, BFRPG) that fill that void quite well. Heck I've got 3e/Pathfinder and 4e, both of which are quite capable of being use to run an old school game if the urge strikes me. If I want a bunch of charts and something that is clunky and needlessly complicated I have a ton of fun to read Palladium books.

    I wish this game the best of luck, but I think I'm going to pass. If I come across a cheap copy I might pick it up as a collector's curiosity, but not to play.

  7. I also agree that races and classes should be separate. That's one thing I dislike about some of the OSR and original D&D games. It's why I stick with 2e and newer versions.
    Nothing wrong with 1e, I just prefer 2e is all.

  8. Geek Gazette---I'm never shy to speak my mind as a rule, especially tonight after a shit day at work and some Capt. Morgan.

    I think this weird dice thing comes from Goodman's arrogance in general. Like he's gonna change the basic tools of the game after 35 years. And he's b.owing a good chance to reach new players by doing so. That's what really pisses me off here. The fuck.

  9. Amens all around, friends! Seems like a curiosity and nothing more. Here's my take:

  10. This comments section is turning into a hype refuge! Thank god for that. Christian sums it up for me: I have probably a half-dozen iterations of D&D on my shelf right now. Why would I need another one (apart from the fact that every other blog is trumpeting "ooh shiny!" this week)? The Moldvay Basic/Expert set is probably enough to provide more than a lifetime's D&D experience.

    I'll disagree on the art, though: I rather like it. And I'm not usually a fan of the pre-Elmore D&D look.

  11. I don't really have any opinion of Goodman the company or the man as I don't think I own any of their products, although I would buy stuff if I wanted it and I've never met him so I have no opinion there either. If I do own some Goodman stuff, I must not use it much or else I'd probably remember. Now I'm gonna have to go check...
    Anyway, wasn't it sometime in the last couple of years that it seemed like every blogger on the web was cussing Goodman for something. Maybe I'm mistaken and it was someone else, but it seems to me that the man and the company was getting called everything under the sun. Now it seems that everyone loves him/the company. What changed? Surely it isn't just because of this game.
    I'm not in the "in crowd" so I miss a lot of stuff that happens and don't find out about it till someone puts it in a blog. I'm just curious as to why everyone is acting like DCC is the messiah of old school gaming.
    I thought for sure that the blogosphere would tear this game apart. First because it was by Goodman. Second because it invades the OSR's well tended turf.

  12. Aren't most of the items of this sort just splatbooks anyway? Unless it has a real playing difference, of course.

    I just hate the adverts declaring,"Iif you liked "Brand X"(tm), then you will just LOVE this one too"

    I know its marketing and all, but, I dunnoh. I need some Jack Daniels myself.

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  14. So no one wants to play it because A. It has funny dice; B. Race as class; C. The art looks "too classic" and D. "I'll never need another rules set cause I already have my original (Fill in the blank) and I'll never need anything else."

    What a bunch of lazy shit-turds ( I worked in shit although I thought personally turds sufficed) :

  15. I just realized my smiley face at the end of my post was cut off, oops....

  16. @Badmike
    That's ok, if you look at it in the opposite direction it looks like a frowny face. If you include the "d" it looks like someone with a large, pencil-thin mustache sticking out their tongue. d): See,so that works too.

    I'm definitely in the A, B & D camp. C makes no difference to me. As for D, if the game brought something new or innovative to the table, so to speak, I might overlook A&B.
    Still if others like it, more power to them. I hope they have fun. I don't really care about the game itself. If it succeeds or fails makes me no never mind, I'm just confused by all the hype.
    Especially from a group (gamer & bloggers) known for creating arguments over nothing (Edition Wars) and spewing bile over the most trivial things. It just amazes me how quickly everyone assumed this group think position where they all echo each others praise for the OSR Messiah that appears to be DCC.
    Usually I can't resist the hype and have to at least give it a try. After skimming through the beta, I just don't get it. There are a lot of OSR games out there doing it better.

  17. I love all the OSR games... damn I have the Grey Book, LL, BFRPG, S&W WB and CR all printed out and PDF's of all of those and many more besides!

    But lets take an honest look at things: if WOC got off their #$%^ing asses and republished ACTUAL OD&D, B/X, BECMI. and AD&D with some decent editing and nice modern art;

    1. They would make a @#$%ton of money and not have any of the amazing layoffs they are going through (again)

    2. The OSR would simply not exist... at least certainly not in the size and form it is today.

    3. We certainly would not be saddled with the idiocy that is goodmans newest attempt to blatantly steal money from nostalgic gamers... including the under the table shady deal with gamescience to drum up demand for the retarded non standard WAAAY overpriced zocchi dice.

    4. However, since WOTC is owned and run by a bunch of gibbering, drooling moron's who have repeatedly given the finger to everyone who is a fan of pre-4E D&D; I am just happy to have so many choices as to rules flavor and variety.

    I will undoubtedly at least peruse DCC when (not if) it shows up on demonoid, 4shared, 7chan, emule, or megaupload.... but I wont spend a penny for it.


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