Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flier Announcing My Old School Campaign

Used an ad James Raggi made as a base, added some stuff form Mythmere's Old School Primer, put some of my own spin in, and here you looked a bit prettier in flier form, but this is the best I could do with the blog

Traditional Vintage Fantasy Role-Playing

“I know you desire to leave these valleys and make your mark on the world. I don’t know what you'll find. Many have attempted the dangerous trek over the mountains, and none have returned. They may be out there right now, fighting for power, or being thrown in a ditch to feed the worms. Perhaps it’s true that a new age is dawning. Whether it be forged by faith, steel, or magic is yet to be determined. Which race will rule is unclear. One thing is certain—the future will be forged in blood. Ancient powers, long lost mysteries, and tomes of lore must be pried from the horrors of ancient ruins. They will discovered by the bold, held by the strong, and wielded by the ambitious. The currency of power is blood---hopefully blood of your enemies and rivals.


Old School is the excitement and the terror of exploring someplace new, strange, and dangerous. You’re not supposed to be there, and you'll only survive by your own skill and wits.

Old School is when the Game Master is not on your side. The system is not on your side. They are neutral and will just as soon kill your characters to death as watch them succeed and grow. You can fail---which makes success all the sweeter.

Old School is defeating challenges by realizing that player skill is far more important than what's on your character sheet.

Old School is a fantasy world, with all its perils, contradictions, and surprises: it’s not a “game setting” which somehow always produces challenges of just the right difficulty for the your level of experience. You have no “right” only to encounter monsters you can defeat, no “right” only to encounter traps you can disarm, no “right” to invoke a particular rule from the books, and no “right” to a die roll in every particular circumstance.

Old School is the freedom to try something crazy without worrying that it will screw up the plot, because the plot is something you create through your actions, and not an “adventure path” to follow through to its predetermined end. You are in charge of your own destiny, not the DM, in pure sandbox campaign style, and can do anything you want in the campaign world.

It's a game of ambition and power


(Players who like to min/max, use mini's on grids rather than narrative combat, who like to play goody-two-shoes type characters, who are rules lawyers, whose favorite alignment is chaotic-stupid and don't understand that actions have consequences, and those who lack ambition and the desire for power and glory, need not apply. )


  1. Brilliant!

    I'd be interested in seeing the posterfied version of this.

  2. Looks great... right up until the final paragraphs. You just finish telling players that "you can do anything you want", but then effectively threaten to punish them for being altruistic, indifferent to worldly glory, skeptical toward power, or just plain lacking ambition. As someone who's been playing old-school D&D since the early '80s, I find this definition a little too restrictive. If you campaign is about freedom for all, great; but if it's only about freedom for clever sociopaths, then I would beg to differ. Not meaning to sound harsh... I just think there's a contradiction there. That said, I love to hear about a new old-school campaign starting up, and wished I lived nearby. All the best!

  3. They can do whatever they want. If they are altruistic, indifferent to worldly glory, skeptical towards power, or lacking ambition, then they can play farmers and peasants. The world they live in is ruled by clever sociopaths, just like the world we live in. If you want to make your mark on it and seize power for yourself, you'll have to deal with them. Altruism as a means of defeating clever sociopaths is a recipe for failure. Altruism which rises to the level of a threat towards the power base of clever sociopaths results in you being crucified next to a guy named Barrabas.

  4. Forgot to add, thanks for your encouragement and comments. Seriously. I wish you lived closer too, its hard to find good players interested in a campaign like this. Read some of the earlier posts and you'll get an idea of the setting. It's harsh and gritty, unforgiving. There is no "city on a hill" sort of place in it. Any input you have on the theme is greatly appreciated. I think it would be interesting actually if some players tried to make a go of setting up a "good" culture, and a city on a hill type of place. How far are they willing to go, what are they willing to do to achieve their aims? Does the ends justify the means?

    It would be interesting.

  5. I can see where you're coming from. In terms of clever sociopaths ruling our world... yeah, I can see that. BUT: in a fantasy world with deities who grant real, immediate, and marvelous favours to the faithful, for every Job-or-Jesus-type there'd be a 10th-level Lawful Good cleric with a body of followers.

    And I was also thinking that the emphasis on ambition and power might alienate other types of players, like those interested in a Fafhrd-and-the-Grey-Mouser type of adventure, where highly personal goals and good-natured scoundrel-ness are more the order of the day. Those guys lose as much treasure as they earn, mostly because they aren't as good at relentless scheming as they are at living for the moment and for the thrill of it all. Those types of PCs are fun too, I think.

  6. Where, and when? (I vote for Middletown, Sunday evenings. Maybe I can do that).

  7. Sigil, so far I have a tentative place in Stratford, in Gaming Etc. from like 11 am to 4 pm. The manager is letting me run a game there. However, if you have a better place to play at, I'm all for it. It would have to be either Friday night of sometime during the weekend, so Sunday night works. I am just waiting on Raggi to get Grindhouse LOTFP out so we can all start from there.

  8. paladin, sent the 2 fliers. lemme know if you dont get them.

  9. I hope you let us know how your players do in this game. I think the world you told us about in the earlier posts is cool, but I still wonder how the average player will react and deal with it. Hopefully you get some great gaming out of this.

  10. Personally, I've used minis on grids since 1975.

    I guess I'm just not very Old School...

  11. I like minis too.

    So have you gotten any bites yet? Sounds like an awesome game. I'm working on something similar, at least in terms of throwing the good vs. evil bullshit out the window. I'm tired of that noise.

    It's cool that you are using LotFP too. I think it's a great game. The thing I can't seem to get over though is the 12 unarmored AC. I know I should just make it 10 and move on, but it's that gamer defect I have that says ITS JUST NOT RIGHT!

    Good luck!


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