Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Yeah Mearls? Then Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I just read this:

It's your call for unity letter, all editions are D&D, koombaya, yada yada. It's all useless sentiment without action.

Want to heal some old wounds? Want to make amends? Want to bring more people together? Want to stop some of the hatred towards WOTC?

Re-release ALL older edition materials in pdf. Every edition, everything ever published. And don't do it through some goddamned subscription.

We know Hasbro has a bad quarter. All income would be appreciated. Virtually zero overhead, pure profit. Pitch it that way. Do whatever you have to do. Just make it happen.


  1. While I doubt very much that Mearls has the authority to allow OOP D&D/TSR PDFs to be made available again, I certainly share (strongly) your desire for their reappearance.

  2. Mearls is a cheerleader for the corporation . . .

    He managed to keep his job at WOTC when many others were fired
    even Rob Heinsloo (lead designer of 4th) lost his job December 2009, while Mearls claimed 4th editiion was 'the future of RPGs'

    Not all incarnations of DnD are the same, NOW Mearls is trying to survive the coming storm by marketing
    (we are all just one big happy family = appeal to unity).

  3. I remember years ago having a chat in an online open forum with the then editor of Green Lantern asking him why Kyle Rayner's incarnation had to get rid of not just Hal Jordan (in a way that made no sense to the character's history) but also all the mythology such as Oa, the Corps, etc.

    He answered nearly every inquiry with, "But its Green Lantern. If you're a Green Lantern fan you should buy the book."

    I tried to explain that painting crap green and calling it Green Lantern doesn't make it Green Lantern. The dude needed to tote the party line and he did an admirable job but in the end you can't sell a fisherman a twig and tell him its a worm. He, like I, ain't buying it.

  4. Oh, so the guys who sold 4th Edition based on the idea that they "fixed" everything in the past that was SO UN-FUN are now coming around to tell us that everything's cool and we all play the same game yadda yadda?

    Bite me, WoTC. You STILL ain't getting my money.

  5. I have literally had 4e fan boys (Please Note: Not all 4e fans are fan boys)tell me that I couldn't have had any fun playing back in the day because it wasn't possible.

    I'm not kidding.

    It wasn't possible to enjoy AD&D 1e because it was 'broken' and you can't enjoy broken things.

    Only 4e was 'balanced' and 'repaired' and that all the changes that WotC has been making recently is because they are trying to appease 'old grognards' who want their broken game back.

    I think when you go from 24 million players to 1.5 million in the blink of an eye you got bigger problems than from people who weren't paying attention in the first place.

    I wish I had the money to buy them out. I have never seen a company so bad at something as this. In a room you have a big box with a handle to crank on the side and a slot that says 'get money here' and these guys can't figure out how to turn the handle.

  6. @AD&D Grognard

    They think the lever is a Raggi-style trap!

  7. I find balance boring.
    My group finds balance boring.

    This is why my career as a 4th edition DM only lasted six months.

  8. You all completely missed the point of the article. Enjoy your petty hatreds.

  9. I'm sorry, what point did I miss? I admit I have been winging it at the keyboard for the past few weeks being sick and all (and I figured out that large furry creature I kept seeing in the corner was a pile of laundry to be washed).

    This post or Mike's plea?

  10. "And don't do it through some goddamned subscription."

    I see nothing wrong with a subscription, you used to subscribe to dragon magazine, many people subscribe to Pathfinder Adventure paths.

    What I object to is a subscription that would be part of a cloud, something you could no download.

    Sorry if I pay for something I should own it. That is all.

  11. I have literally had 4e fan boys (Please Note: Not all 4e fans are fan boys)tell me that I couldn't have had any fun playing back in the day because it wasn't possible.

    Then why did it last long enough to get to the finally working version in 4th. That's what I don't get. I get "wow, we can make this a little better" changes, but if something is so totally awful that no one had fun playing it how did it turn a profit long enough to get playable?

    Ans I say that as someone enjoying the hell out of the 4E game I'm running and someone trying to scare up the people to play a Palladium lego game.

  12. @Steven D. Russell: I'm with you on the subscription. Make it part of D&D Insider, release X pieces a month (so I don't just download it all and then quit), add support for older editions, and so on.


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