Sunday, February 13, 2011

Latest Hasbro Earnings Report---Interesting Hints on Direction

Here From Seeking Alpha

Notably, Hasbro had a bad quarter and had to explain why, and what they are doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. My memory may be bad, but this is the first time I recall this happening.

As usual no direct mention of D&D. WOTC comes up in the context of:

"Our team at Wizards of the Coast is already successfully bringing the digital and analog worlds together, enabling consumers to enjoy Magic: The Gathering across multiple platforms.

The combination of the traditional Magic: The Gathering trading card game with Magic: The Gathering Online and Duels of the Planeswalker on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation 3 and on the PC produced strong growth in Magic: The Gathering players and a more than 30% increase in the brand's revenue in 2010."

Leading me to think Dancey is correct, and this may be the last paper D&D edition.

This is interesting as well:

"Sean McGowan - Needham & Company, LLC

On Games, can you drill down a little bit and give us a sense of where there was strength in Games and where there was weakness, and how much of that do you think will carry forward into the new year?

Brian Goldner

Yes. Sean, it's Brian. In the Games business, if we look at the fourth quarter, particularly after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas, the consumer demand had really fallen off. And we learned some valuable lessons as we sort of pulled apart the business and did some analytics. ...... As you know, we have this great, big, broad portfolio of games and yet, our message is we're probably too defuse, too numerous and didn't have the impact, the breakthrough impact that fewer campaigns might have, focused around some of the bigger brands. And again, something that we're changing immediately as we go forward....

.....Certainly, we're too diffuse, and we're going to tear that back and focus in on the most innovative and biggest game-changers, if you will. "

I would expect less advertising than ever for D&D based on that statement.


  1. More grist for the mill. Sounds like the death-knell for PnP D&D.

  2. Huh? I'm not seeing anything that spells or even hints at the deathnell of PnP D&D.
    I do see a company highlighting their strong points and telling their stockholders what they want to hear.
    Of course, anyone can read anything into anything. It all depends on what you want it to say (or not say in this case).

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  4. I'm not sure I agree on it being the deathknell for PnP D&D. I think we may see books as loss-leaders when 5e comes out, if D&D Insider does well under a subscription model.

    If it doesn't, in order to keep the brand alive I suspect they'll sell the rights to produce 5e, while maintaining ownership of copyright and IP.

    Other than that, however, I think you're spot-on. I expect D&D to get its budget slashed further, and to fade in significance as a product line. The hour is ripe for Paizo to steal some of their thunder (or someone else, but I think Paizo's in the best position to do so).

  5. I foresee Hasbro retaining the
    "Dungeons & Dragons"
    brand name for movies, books, MORPGs and video games;
    however, it is highly unlikely they will invest in another PnP product . . .

    I am neither an industry leader nor do I aspire to be a professional game designer. Being a professional RPG writer is neither a lucrative or consistent career.

    RPGs are a hobby, not a way of life.
    If we remain civil, we all have something to contribute; otherwise, we are a disorganized, petty fringe.

    I have a comfortable and rewarding career doing something else,
    but several insightful companies
    ALREADY have grasped this formula

    CLASSIC feel + 3.x COMPATIBILITY = success

    i.e., Pathfinder Lite
    Dungeon Crawl Classics



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