Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WTF...Crystal Keep, Fantastic d20 Resource, Taken Down by WOTC Years After They Abandon the d20 Paradigm


It was a great resource for charts and tables. It was around for years while d20 was WOTC's system of choice. Now, if you go there you see this:




  1. Yes, soon there will be massive bonfires for gamers to take their old books & supplements to. The purge must begin. Elimination of ANY game or edition not currently supported by WotC must be eliminated.

    They offer the gaming world order!

    They will show us what the only games to play are. They are the way. All else is heresy.

    Or, maybe I'm just being too sarcastic this morning?

  2. You do realize that WotC had to do this to protect their copyrights on the text and their trademarks?

    Had they not they would run the risk of loosing the trademark status of various works under Dungeons & Dragons AND could also in turn be sued by Lucasfilm for not defending the Star Wars material they owned at the time that this site was using?

    I think there is a bit of over reacting here.

    It doesn't matter that WotC is not using 3.0 anymore, it is still theirs.

    Had CrystalKeep released what they could under the OGL (and stayed away from Star Wars material) I am 100% certain that WotC never would have given the site a second glance.

  3. Actually Tim, all they would have to do to protect their IP rights is license to CK the rights to do what they are doing for some nominal fee, like 100 bucks. That way goodwill is kept and IP is protected. They go overboard and err on the douchebag side of things all the time.

  4. Futile, absolutely futile.

    Most PDFs can still be downloaded...



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