Friday, December 31, 2010

Women in RPG's: Or, What the RPG-Verse Needs is its Own Don Draper

People seem to be talking about how to market to women in RPG's. Read the links below to get the gist of the positions, but Zak seems to say that you shouldn't direct the artist or you'll get shit art that doesn't appeal to anyone. Trollsmyth says come on now, how about the Sistine Chapel... RPG's just haven't been marketed correctly yet. Greg seems to say that people are basically stupid and don't know what they hell they want, and are easily convinced through sales and marketing techniques. Oddysey has something against voodoo mind control for some reason.

I am more in agreement with the "most people are stupid" approach and can be lead to do whatever clever marketers/admen/politicians/propaganda artists want them to do. It's all in how you sell it.

Let the master explain:



And, just to prove the the guy knows all there is to know about women:



  1. Me too. Only she does it to me. And then we get out the whipped cream and...what were was talking about?

    The family business of the Barking Alien's parental unit is marketing, business consulting and PR. I've worked with marketing guys myself at various stages in various jobs.

    RPGs and comic books are actually among the most morely marketed products in the history of capitialism.

    IMHO, its not marketing to women so much as STOP MARKETING TO YOURSELF! RPGs are traditional marketed to people already interested in or playing RPGs. When was the last time you saw a Traveller add in Popular Science? How about Discover Magazine? Any add for D&D in National Geographic? I bet you sometimes buy that magazine though for ideas and cool maps.

    What we have to remember and understand is that their are hundreds if not thousands of potential gamers in the US right now who have probably never even seen a rulebook in a store or you have and didn't know what it was for.

    Stop preaching to the choir and find out how to market to new customers.

    Oh and Joe, one last thing before I forget. What kind of dog do you have? Yours actually looks a lot like mine.

  2. It's an intelligent hobby, and appeals to intelligent people who aren't worried whether they fit in with the popular crowd or not. Why would anyone waste money with (expensive) major magazine ads chasing the rest? RPGs will never find huge popularity unless they are dumbed-down to the point that they aren't RPGs anymore. And I should hope none of us want that. It's a nerd (in the best sense) hobby, why are we wanting it to be something else again? If people are really worried about it spreading around to new people... well, gee... get out there and introduce as many people as you can to it, and do it in a way you consider "right" so they will "get it." Don't wait for WotC or whoever to do it!

  3. People don't know what they want, until someone tells them they have been missing it. It's not rocket science.

  4. @Anonymous: We've been telling ourselves that it's an intelligent hobby, and congratulating ourselves that it appeals only to the intelligent elite for a long time. However, coincidentally, I was reading a series of blog posts about FATAL today. It isn't just the intelligent who are attracted to this hobby, but also the sort of person who would write a game with detailed rules about anal rape, and to pretend that it is just the intelligent only leads to a failure to understand the market.


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