Monday, August 9, 2010

The Red Box Counteroffensive: A Call to Arms! ...err...Dice!

My local DnD Meetup Group (which as far as I know mostly arranges 4e Encounters nights) is tentatively planning a Red Box release event for 4e Essentials.

I plan to be there with my Mentzer Red Box, ready to run Palace of the Silver Princess.

Check to see if there are any groups or FLGS's in your area doing the same thing, and lets make it a worldwide counteroffensive.

Are you with me!?!!?


  1. Counteroffensive? Stop smoking the crack man. You can't really mount a counter offensive with something no longer in print.

    Now on the other hand if you were mounting a counter offensive using one of the various 'homage' editions, especially another boxed set, like the whole Flame Princes thing? Those are things you can get people interested in buying and playing.

    The stuff you're talking about? Playing. I find, and it's not true for everyone, that many like to have some sort of 'ownership' of the game. Some old game that isn't in print? Probably not going to cut it.

    Not saying it wouldnt' be a great game or anything but as B/X found out, old age don't mean squat against the new in print stuff.

    But you may be the exception man! Prove me wrong amigo.

  2. Nothing saying I can't point them to Labyrinth Lord or any of the other Clones afterwards... :)

    I'm not countering with a product...I'm countering with a style of gaming.

  3. I'm in! Oh, wait, my FLGS doesn't support roleplayers at all...

    Unless you play Warhammer minis, Heroclix or Magic, you might as well not even go to my LGS.

    So, I'd be in, but then, I have nowhere to be in at...

  4. Ideas like this crack me up.

    "Not countering with a product, I'm countering with a style of gaming."

    No, you're "countering" by showing up to an FLGS, and adding confusion to newcomers by using a 30 year old rule system (that they hadn't even had an interest in until now!) that they can't even buy.

    A better offensive would be to use "Old School" mentality with the new red box, and educate a complete newcomer in what role playing is all about. Give him an experience the box itself can't give. Plant that kernel of an idea in them.

    Otherwise, you're just coming off as the grumpy old bastards who want to bitch about how their game is right, others are wrong, and pretty much inflict a negative reaction to any potential newcomers, and thus encourage letting our hobby die off in a basement unknown (like how so many OSR's seem to want to keep it.)

  5. That's exactly how I was going to approach them telling them their game sucked, and saying they should play my out of date version of the game that is not supported by any clones. I figure grumpiness and attacking their version will work better than simply going up to them and asking them nicely if they wanted to try a blast from the past game, it might be fun.

  6. I say go for it... A lot of young people have heard of the older D&D and are curious about it, having a sort of "nostalgia" for it even though they never played it. Many of them know why the new set is a Red Box, after all. They may jump at the chance to play an authentic old-school game, the kind they have heard mentioned online, and even by WotC marketing!

  7. My old red box, eh? Nice to see. :)
    -- FM

  8. ANd I thought us OSR types were the negative ones!

    Great idea, Joe. Since i'll be picking up a copy of the retconned 4E redbox anyway, I might just show up with the old red box and see if someone wants to take it for a spin on the new redbox release-day.

  9. Thanks for the support guys. Frank, too bad you're not in the area. It would have been fantastic to have you there.

  10. Where/when? If I'm in the area I'll show.

  11. Yah, Joe, I'm a tad far from CT.
    But I'll be in Mass for TotalCon (Feb?). Come on up and let's party. ;>



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