Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Looted YET ANOTHER!!! Massive Hoard of Old-School DnD Books!

I'm sure you remember this post from last year.  Well, I did it again!

This time instead of finding them randomly where they were left on consignment in a comic store, I found them on Craigslist.  I drove up to Mass. to pick them up tonight.  The seller was a great guy, and this represents the collection of both he and a friend who used to play D&D together.  The modules section below really filled in a lot of gaps in my own collection.  Plus, I got hold of a Moldvay Expert Boxed set, finally.

It was good to talk gaming with him, as we are the same age, and had a lot of experiences in common---though I have to say I never blew of school with my friends to play DnD all day.  :) 

One oddly disturbing thing is that he gave me all his dice, too.  I asked him if he was sure, as I saw some of the original red and blue boxed set dice in there.  I know how sentimental I am about my own first dice set.  He said yeah, he has no time to play anymore anyway.  Is it me, or is that sad?  I mean, you can give away your books and still play a pickup game somewhere.  But your Dice!  That's like a master carpenter giving away his tools.

Anyhow, I invited him to come down to the Old School Minicon in CT in October.  Hopefully he can make it.

Without further ado...the list!!!!!!

(I didn't name the modules, just put the number, because its like midnight here and I want to go to bed)

1st edition Hardcovers
DMG x 3
PHB x 3
Legends and Lore
Deities and Demigods
Fiend Folio
Unearthed Arcana x 2

2nd Edition Hardcovers
PHB x 2
DMG x 2
Legends and Lore
Tome of Magic
Forgotten Realms:  Adventures
Monstrous Compendium Looseleaf

2nd Edition Softcovers
Arms and Equipment Guide
Complete Handbooks:  Fighters, Thieves, Bards, Wizards, Priests, Dwarves

Dragon Magazines:  88, 90, 89, 93, 91, 95, 92, 83, 94

Dungeon Magazines:  54, 82, 49, 47, 44, 50, 78, 77

Moldvay Basic booklet
Moldvay Expert Booklet, in the blue box, with a 1981 flier/advertisement

3.0 Boxed Set Introduction game


Dragonlance:  DL1-DL7, DL9
UK7 x 2, UK4
X1 x 2, X2
L1, L2
B1 x 3, B2 x 2, B3
G1-2-3, D1-2, D3, Q1
C1 x 2, C2-C5
S1, S2, S3
I1, I2, I3, I3-I5 Desert of Desolation, I5, I7, I11, I12, I13
A2 x 2, A3, A4
WG4, WG9
T1 x 2
CM1, CM2
GA2, GA3
RQ1, RM2, Ravenloft:  Dark of the Moon

World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting Book and the Glossography

The Contract
Shadows of Evil
Evil Ruins


Hall of Heroes for Forgotten Realms
The Magister
Dwarves Deep
Dungeon Geomorphs Set 1-3
Silver Anniversary Against the Giants:  Liberation of Geoff
Dungeons and Dragons Monster and Treasure Assortment Sets 1-3, Levels 1-9
Books of Lairs 1 and 2
Treasure Maps:  for 2nd Edition
Terrible Trouble at Tragidore
Al Qadim A Dozen and One Adventures Boxed Set
The Armory:  Fantasy Roleplaying Character Sheets
D&D Character Sheets (1981)
1993 TSR Master Catalog Collector's Edition
AD&D DM Screen, old, x 2, DM Screen new, Players Screen
AD&D DM Adventure Log
2nd Ed. DM Screen
2nd Ed. Character Sheets x 2

Bigass Bag o' Dice

Not bad, huh?

Oh yeah, the price---

120 bucks!!!!!!


  1. Nice haul, man. Some of those are hard to come by these days too, such as the earlier FR books. And yes, it's always sad when a gamer gives up his collection for good.

  2. Whoa, what a score! Great job! A chapter closes for one man and a chapter opens for another. Such is life...

  3. Thx guys. :) I almost didn't say where I found it, on Craigslist, for fear of more competition. Ebay peeps know the value of something moreso than Craigslist peeps, I've found. As it was the seller said he had a guy from Virginia interested. I usually just see a few books, maybe a handful of modules thrown up there. This one was too good to pass up though, even with the hour and a half drive to get it. The seller drove 45 minutes himself, so that was cool of him.

  4. I just checked my local craigslist... tons of 2nd edition stuff out there for cheap. Nothing for my own collection, alas.


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