Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wolfgang Baur on Kobold Quarterly Publishing OSR Material

I was recently offered an opportunity to review the latest issue of Kobold Quarterly. As I said before here, it is a fine magazine, and what they do they do well. Rather than say the same thing again, I asked the followed question:

"Hi Shelly, thanks for the free magazine. It's a good magazine, but it doesn't feature content for the games I am more interested in---older D&D editions and their clones. I know you had some stuff on Dragon Age in there, and that some of the other stuff can be converted over for older games. The thing I've noticed though, is that stuff written by older game players for older game players has a different feel, and reads differently. That could be totally subjective and complete BS in reality, but it just seems that way to me.

Rather than just say "See my last review on KQ and the one on magazines in general," I was wondering if you had any plans to have articles specifically for older editions like you have for the newer ones. Right now it's about 50/50 for 3.x-PF/4e right? Do you see yourselves going 1/3 for each of those, plus 1/3 for the older editions combined? Or are you leaving that to other magazines like Fight On! and KnockSpell and the various Boards and Blogs? Do you think you'll make efforts to get articles focused on Classic D&D games?

Also, can I quote your response in my blog?



Tonight Wolfgang responded with:

While Kobold Quarterly has the greatest respect for the Old School Renaissance, we've gotten maybe one query for an edition in that time period, and that one was for Tunnels & Trolls. We have also found it is remarkably hard to print material we don't have, and that readers haven't asked us for.

And frankly, I'd put the "Secrets of the Gelatinous Cube" article (from KQ#10) up against anything from the competition. It's classic D&D in every sense, by a long time gamer, and we hope to print more like it in years to come.

The OSR magazines do an excellent job catering to their readers, and it would be rude of Kobold to just barge in. I suspect that writers are submitting their classic D&D queries to KnockSpell and Fight On!, and that's fine.

We're not currently looking to expand to the classic D&D games, because serving up 4th Edition D&D, Pathfinder, 3rd Edition, and Call of Cthulhu already gives us quite a variety, and we'll continue to serve those flavors of fantasy for now.

If a great query comes along, I'll happily reconsider.

Feel free to quote me.

Wolfgang Baur"

I've not read issue 10 on the Gelatinous Cube, but I'm sure it was of the same high quality as the rest of the magazine. I think the folks at KQ are a class act, and like I said, its a good magazine. I wish them all the best.

Note: I copied and pasted Wolfgang's answer verbatim, but took the liberty to correct some typos in my email, so as to look a bit less retarded.



  1. No matter how I fix my typos I always have that issue ;)

    KQ is a great mag that I now follow in PDF only. Its a price point I can justify for well written mag that doesnt hit many of my wants or needs, but is still a great read that is very convertable

  2. Too bad really as Baur's Dungeon magazine offerings were some of the best stuff that magazine has ever seen, especially during the era of 2E.


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