Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ever Notice Any Regional Differences in Playstyles?

I think it was Erik Mona who discussed this in a video I saw a while back, where he noted that in different regions in the USA there were different RPG playstyles.  Has anyone ever noticed this?  Either regionally in the US or globally in different countries?


Here's the link to the video, jump ahead to 9:50 minutes in it and you'll see what I mean by regional differences in playstyles.


  1. I notice that, like, despite my, like, Masters Degree from, y'know, Yale, people outside SoCal seem to, y'know, think I'm, like, stupid, if I don't, y'know, talk like them.

  2. Here in Los Angeles it's hard to maintain a group. There's a ton to do on the weekends, the weather is nice, the city is full of transplants and, well, people here don't exactly have a reputation as being overly friendly.

    All of those elements combine to create a scene that's much smaller than you might expect from a population of 4 million.

  3. Here's the link to the video, jump ahead to 9:50 minutes in it and you'll see what I mean by regional differences in playstyles.

  4. nice find joe ,
    "they were all fans of the game DnD, but they came to the game for different reasons"

    dont feel bad Zak . . .

    i have a bs in mathematics
    as well as a masters degree in health administration and
    graduated top third of my class at Tulane medical school;
    however, some petty fools think i am illiterate because I dont type well.

    The explantion is simple -
    martials arts busted up my small fingers in youth and i have a
    shattered C5 vertrbrae that left me with mild weakness in the left arm (if you ride fast, eventually you are going to fall hard).

    The latter injury gives me stimulus induced priapism which is a good thing ; - )

  5. interesting comments about minute 37 about print runs . . .

    "very few RPG products today sell over 5,000 copies "

  6. I wouldn't say regional, but cultural differences for sure. I live on a small island and the play style differences I've experienced from multiple dms are vast.

  7. I game online with people from a bunch of different regions, and I haven't noticed it. My gaming group in NY is a lot different from the one in MN, but I think that's mostly because I've grown a lot as a DM.

  8. I used to play in Living Greyhawk and there were noticable differences in play styles in different regions. At least part of that was due to what part of Greyhawk your region covered. Texas was the Bandit Kingdoms and we approached things very differently than the guys from Dyvvers (CO, WY, NM, and maybe Arizona) and the Yeomanry (Louisiana and parts east) because of the situation we operated under (the "government" was evil and served Iuz and we were all outlaws, especially the paladins and clerics).

  9. I couldn't tell you. I live in the UK in a tiny village and have only ever played D&D with the same 5 people. Most people don't even know what D&D is, let alone have a different style of play.

  10. I wonder if, as someone suggested in a RPGSite thread I started on the same topic, the regional differences are going away with the influence of internet communication---sort of a homogenization.


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