Monday, March 22, 2010

Has Anyone Actually RUN or PLAYED IN Castle Zagyg: Upper Works?

I ask because I'm running it Saturday, as was looking for any advice/tips from people who have been through it, on either side of the Screen.  I want to make it as good as I can, and don't have the ability to playtest it before Saturday. 

One change I already decided to make in the interests of time is to skip all the hassles encountered on the way to the Castle itself. It will be a short uneventful trip to get there.  The only decision to make by the players is what approach to take.  I'm making any area of the Castle accessible, so have to be prepared to run any area at any time, necessitating a lot of prep time on my part.

One thing I noticed is that the module itself is kind of unnecessarily wordy in parts, so I am trying to make a Cliff's Notes version of it where needed.

Any and all advice appreciated.  :)




  1. Looking forward to seeing how your party progresses. :)

  2. Sorry, no advice to give. I do hope to be playing it on saturday at the Complete tho'.

    I think I've been given special dispensation by the wife and kid ;)

  3. Looking forward to seeing you there man. I hear you brew beer. Bonus XP and Magic Items to the guy in the group who bribes the DM with the most brew during the game. :)

  4. I asked this question over at the TLG forums over a year ago, and received one positive reply, with a fair amount of description of his campaign (which was still in its early stages). You may try searching for it there (sorry, I don't have the link anymore).

    Good luck with the game! I think that CZ:UW is very good. It's a real pity that it doesn't get more recognition and play.

  5. It's a shame isn't it? In addition to its short shelf life hindering people buying and using it, (due to it being yanked from TLG,) it seems that the people who bought it got it for the purpose of collecting or for resale or something.

    Thanks for the tip though. I'll look for the link over there.


  6. Been there. The way to the castle itself is interesting if you use it an opportunity to derail. Use Dark Chateau if you've got it, make the most of the elven village, keep a good track of the "getting lost" rolls (especially since the party won't, obviously, be able to use the road)and use the humanoid monsters you have at their best cunning, should they have any. Thing is, if your party skips these interesting bits, it's doomed to be plain boring.

    In the castle itself, every-thing lays in the attention you give to the various monster clans' habits and conflicts. Play kobolds against goblins, goblins against the other goblin clans, etc. Use the details given about their rituals, their lieutenants, their cult to add extra flavor everywhere and use the castle itself at its best, as if it was a living creature itself: when the light shines at the top of the tower, for instance, it shows and beckons your players' characters.

    Forget hack'n' slash logics, make it a monster diplomacy game as well and run it sandbox-style, leaving it wide open, all its parts together.

    Have a great time!

  7. Thanks so much for that info Kabuki. That's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.


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