Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanna help me brainstorm?

I threw a big curveball at the players last time I DM'd the bard medieval rockband campaign.  It was set in Freeport, with part of the island concealed by the mystical fog from Castle Zagyg's Upper Works.  Freeport was set in the Wilderlands setting.

Anyhow, as part of the last session, I wanted to spice things up. I found I didn't have enough time to learn the ins and outs of Wilderlands, so I decided as a side effect of the players magically opening up large areas of the concealed parts of the island, includng the Castle itself, all kinds of crazy extra-planar rift shit happened.  I plopped the whole damn island chain 2 miles off the coast of Waterdeep, 1st edition Forgotten Realms, a place I know pretty well.  Meaning pre-scimitar-wielding drow, pre-time of troubles, pre-everything second edition.  I personally think that the grey box Realms was pretty old school in mentality.  (Disagree in another place please....)

And I've already decreed that Elminster had his hands cut off, his tongue ripped out and his balls and cock fed to piranha while still attached, for having been caught fondling young boys behind his tower.  So he is out of the picture.

Thing is, I hadn't planned on playing this again until January, so I put it on the back burner.  Our regular session is canceled for this week, so we decided just tonight to play the rock band bards on Friday night. 

I haven't put a lot of thought into the consequences of dropping an island of pirates 2 miles off the coast of Waterdeep.  I figured I had more time.   :)

Wanna help flesh some stuff out?

Here are some ideas so far:

1.  They owe a favor to the crime lord Finn, so he has them investigate the city, with his weirdass submarine contraption.  (Apparatus of Kwalish? or something like that)  They have to break through the Waterdeep naval blockade submarine style and report back.

2.  Large waves and seismic tremors wrecked a lot of the dock area of Waterdeep, hurting the navy.  An alliance with the new island would be helpful.

3.  Waterdeep, unurt by the plopping, after long negotiations, instead of conquering the city, decided to keep them as a sort of puppet state, independent in name, but gets them to do their dirty work.

4.  Tough situations would arise if a city like Freeport with its "evil" humanoids integrated with Waterdeep.

5.  Other cities of the sword coast, enemies of Waterdeep, seek alliance with the new island against Waterdeep.  This would mean that Waterdeep's navy and docks were wrecked heavily, for Waterdeep to tolerate such a thing and the navy of Freeport is relatively intact.

6.  Adventurers from Waterdeep flock to Castle Zagyg, once the blockade goes away.

7.  Naval War!

8.  Trade War!

9.  Part of the mountain in Waterdeep collapses on the city, hurting them badly economically, forcing them to need Freeport.

10.  Freeport's factions unify out of fear of a common new unknown enemy---Waterdeep.

11.  The party's actions in opening up the mist areas and the Castle are known by Freeport and eventually Waterdeep's rulers---making them targets of interest---and hate.

12.  Finn the crime lord finds out about it, keeps it quiet and uses it as leverage over the PC's.

13.  War between the underworld of the 2 cities.

14.  I may use the Ruins of Undermountain, especially the evil city underneath it.

15.  More rifts open up in various places, some permanent in nature.  Some to other primes, some to evil places.

Throw me your ideas!  Any idea is a good idea, both for the short term and the long term.  What would logically happen as a result of this crazy event?  :)


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  1. Malijewski shares your feelings on early 1e Forgotton Realms.
    I'm afraid I don't have that box, so I'm not very familiar with the area around Waterdeep.

    Putting an island off shore might interfere with established currents. It might even block the trade winds. Ships leaving Waterdeep might end up becalmed and have to be towed out to sea. It could ruin the fishing, or fish might move to the waters around the island.


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