Sunday, October 4, 2009

The next edition

This may be an exercise in futility to say this, but lets try not to get into an edition war on this one.  I'll try and narrow the topic to a specific question:

Since 4e is so tied to the digital medium, and it took so long to get the digital aspect of it functional and integrated, do you think the next edition (4.x or 5e) will be a change as great as 4e was from 3.x?  Or does the investment in all that technology and digital integration force the next edition to be a modification/expansion/overlay of 4e, in that it would be to much of a new investment and too great a loss on the old investment to make such large-scale changes by making much of DDI useless?

Your thoughts?


  1. When a new edition comes out, they'll just integrate it into DDi. They could just add the new content to existing infrastructure, or redesign it completely. They could continue to support 4e, or more likely delete it and support the new.

    The differences you are talking about will have no bearing on how the technology will deliver it, only on the fanboy flamewars. :)

  2. While 4e has its good points and bad, technology and future DND editions can prove too much. I have an iMac and thus, have limited access to the DND Insider content (Character Builder and any other tools that require Windows).

    A new edition will only incorporate more technology and, before you know it, require everyone around the table to have a laptop open just to play.

  3. "before you know it...require everyone around the table to have a laptop open just to play." - what he said. although if there was a large, flat, touch screen that you could put down on the table to game with for mapping and miniature use, that'd be pretty cool, esp. with downloadable terrain/dungeon maps, customizable figures, and monsters/NPCs (hopefully ones you could make and upload too though). still, as cool as it would be, in the end it's just another Dragonbone Electronic Dice Roller - i'd probably stick with my old 25mm metal minis and dice!

  4. DDI require Windows? How do they manage to limit themselves that way in a tough economy when you can make a lot of web apps system agnostic? Well, their problem.

    I don't think there will be another edition. 4th ed will be expanded upon more and more, and those who have been along from the start might in a few years time realize that what they have might yesteryear have been called a new edition.

  5. As a pretty die-hard 4e player, I agree with Andreas. I think 4e will just continue to be mutated, until DDI can just spit out whatever "version" of the ruleset you want to use based on the characters, variants, and other content you select that you want to use.

    I mean, just right now, the game's starting to look quite differently than it used to, what with Psionics changing how the powers system works, the hybrid multiclassing option, and other additions coming that really change the nature of the game.

  6. I see no technology requirements whatsoever for 4e. You don't need a computer or an Internet connection to play it.

    All you need is the core books, paper, pens, and dice.

    That being said... why carry all that crap around when you can just use your laptop!

    Also, ze bulette, I think that within a few months we may have a digital table top capable of using miniatures to physically interact with the computer.

    Check out and look at some of the videos that have posted up there.

    If you have a flat projected surface and miniatures that have LED IR emitters underneath them then you can have miniatures that you can use that are both physical and digital.


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