Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks to Paizo

It's a minor thing, that probably didn't get noticed that much, but one thing I'm very happy about is that for the $9.99 they give you 2 versions of the book: one is a full book pdf, and one version where you get a zip file with a pdf for each chapter. I never realized how old my laptop was getting until I tried to look at that 100 meg pdf file. It's a nice little thing that really only helped guys like me with older pc's, which is likely the minority thse days, but it is much appreciated. It shows a lot about how Paizo goes a bit above and beyond, every time.

Also, I've gotta say, I never cared about art in any rpg book, ever (except the Succubus in AD&D--but what 14 yr old geek didn't ?)

The art in PFRPG blows me away. Awesome.


  1. Oh, the art direction is tremendous. It's a beautiful book, by gamers for gamers.

  2. Don't use adobe reader for looking at pdfs, if you do. It's very slow. Google foxit reader and download it - it will change your life (in a very small way).

  3. Yea, I gave up on Adobe a while ago in favor of Foxit. My PC is just an old beast though. :)


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