Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you could play D&D with anyone, real or imaginary, from any time in history, who would it be?

Assume you could get anyone from any time period, either real or imaginary, at your game table for one night of D&D. Who would you ask to play with? What classes would they play? What module/game would you run? What version of D&D  How do you think it would go?

The question came to me just now, so I have given it no thought whatsoever. I'm really looking forward to your comments though.

First thoughts--

We would do TOEE, Against the Giants, Vault of the Drow. AD&D Rules.

Captain Kirk would play a Fighter, of course, who kicks ass and gets laid a lot, eventually getting his own pirate ship at 9th level instead of a castle or keep.

Ben Franklin would play a Wizard/Thief, who would outsmart everything.

Fritz Leiber would be the DM.

More to come...


  1. Players -

    Thomas Paine - paladin
    Lord Byron - rogue
    Myself - fighter/wizard
    Nietzsche - cleric
    Allen Ginsberg - druid

    DM - Mr. Tolkien

    Game - 4e

    Or Savage Worlds with Led Zeppelin

  2. Ooo! Good question!

    Samuel L Clemens - Rogue
    Tolkien - Magic-User
    Shakespeare - Bard
    Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee - Monks
    Florence Nightingale - Cleric
    Me: Fighter

    DM: Gary Gygax, of course!

  3. Players:

    Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions
    Luke Crane of the Burning Wheel Crew
    Harrison Ford (of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame)
    Terry Brooks (famed writer of the Shannara series)
    Myself of course

    Jeff Grub (famous writer of fiction and RPGs)

    And the game would be Spirit of the Century.


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