Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have nothing to say

Looking around the boards today, and for the last few days, and realized I really had nothing to say about all the threads on all the boards, and all the posts on all the blogs I read. And that's a lot of content to have nothing to say about.

So I guess I'll talk about why I have nothing to say.

I have nothing to say good or bad about any edition, because it's all been said, and to each his own.

I have nothing to say about WOTC/Hasbro, its actions, or its future, because I've already stated I don't like them, and their future is irrelevant to my gaming future.

I have nothing to say about the future of the hobby because we'll never be able to predict it, and it doesn't really matter to me and my group and the game we play. As my brother's kids grow up, we have a built in group to play with.

I have nothing to say about the future products, because I have enough material on my PC to last me 35 lifetimes, covering every conceivable subject.

I have nothing to say about the game I'm playing, because it's all been said on my blog already.

I have nothing to say about the game others are playing, because their games are largely their own matter.

I have nothing to say regarding any musings on any D&D related subject, because I haven't had any meaningful ones lately.

So, in summary, signing off, with nothing to say.

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  1. Say it ain't so, Joe! We could swing by Raggi's place and claim that Duran Duran is better than Celtic Frost! Or maybe we could visit Jeff Rients and see if he'd let us roll on the Random Blog Post Table, Sub-Table IV; You're Doing It Wrong Rants!


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