Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weird Saving Throw Mechanic Found in an Old Judges Guild Module

My players were fighting a Devil-Bat from the old Judges Guild Module "Glory Hole Dwarven Mine" tonight.

The thing had a weird mechanic for saves vs. its fire attack.  It says:  "The target of the attack is allowed of the average of all abilites or lower on a 3d6+3.  A successful saving throw results in only 2-8 points of damage."

It like a throwaway cool alternative saving throw mechanic, in a monster/module that probably 19 people in dnd history even remember.  I like it.  Making saves an avg of our ability scores is so much better than basing them on class, imho.   If I were to adopt it, I would say that classes can give bonuses to types of saving throws, but nothing else. 

Also of note is the part where the 2-8 dmg if you make the save.  What's different about this is that it's not the traditional 1/2 dmg, as the full attack does 3-12.  It's a 2/3 dmg if fail. 

Cool new alternative game mechanics, sitting there in the monster description hardly anyone knows about.   Fuck yeah.