Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weird Saving Throw Mechanic Found in an Old Judges Guild Module

My players were fighting a Devil-Bat from the old Judges Guild Module "Glory Hole Dwarven Mine" tonight.

The thing had a weird mechanic for saves vs. its fire attack.  It says:  "The target of the attack is allowed of the average of all abilites or lower on a 3d6+3.  A successful saving throw results in only 2-8 points of damage."

It like a throwaway cool alternative saving throw mechanic, in a monster/module that probably 19 people in dnd history even remember.  I like it.  Making saves an avg of our ability scores is so much better than basing them on class, imho.   If I were to adopt it, I would say that classes can give bonuses to types of saving throws, but nothing else. 

Also of note is the part where the 2-8 dmg if you make the save.  What's different about this is that it's not the traditional 1/2 dmg, as the full attack does 3-12.  It's a 2/3 dmg if fail. 

Cool new alternative game mechanics, sitting there in the monster description hardly anyone knows about.   Fuck yeah.


  1. fiend folio full of micro mechanics as are asphyxiating attack monsters in MM