Saturday, December 7, 2013

Constantcon and Flailsnails January Reboot

A couple years ago, Constantcon/Flailsnails took off like a bat outta hell.  I think it was +Jeff Rients , +Calithena Gildenclaw , and +Zak Smith who came up with the concepts---Constantcon is an ongoing convention, taking place mainly on G+ hangouts, where people can play DnD nonstop.  The Flailsnails conventions were a way to let people play a character from one campaign to another within the Constantcon 'verse.

We used to have an ass-ton of games run at various times throughout the week, but to my knowledge, the only regularly run gamse left are +Shawn Sanford 's Old School ModuleCcrawls and DCC games.
From what I can tell, many games just ran out of steam, many went to closed mode once they had a lot of players who showed up every week, like my Blood Island game, and some I just lost track of. 

I'm proposing that all the folks who used to DM open Flailsnails games commit to running at least one game each month for random people, at whatever date or time you want, starting mid January.  That way we are out of the Holiday season.  This way any regular games you have aren't disrupted, and we can get new players, and hopefully new DM's, running more CCon and FS games. 

The ones I used to play or know of I will list below.  +Chris H you've played more characters in more games than anyone I know.  If you can add to the list, please do so.

+Jason K used to have a form to list games, and a list of games accessible by all.  I am not sure how up to date it is, but it would be cool if we could update it maybe?

Here's who I have and what game they ran:

+Erik Jensen Wampus Country

+Jason K Dust

+Barry Blatt Griffon Mountain

+Chris Kutalik Hill Cantons

+Shawn Sanford with the DCC game and the Old School Module Crawl

+Kyrinn S. Eis Urutsk:  World of Mystery

+Zzarchov Kowolski Planet Hogswamp

+Reynaldo MadriƱan Barovania

+Trent B New Feireland

+Gus L HMS Apollyon, and a Sci Fi/Dinosaurs game too.

+Reece Carter Hexenbracken

+Zak Smith   Vornheim

+Ian Johnson Game set in Hell.

And I know there were many more I never played in.

I'll run my Blood Island game at least once a month for people not in my normal group.  What do you all say?  Can you commit to that much starting Mid-January, to reboot this fun thing we all used to do?  I miss playing with a lot of you.  It was fun.  Let's do it again.    :)

Sir the Fist awaits the next mission.


  1. Sounds reasonable. No superhero games?

  2. Anything you want man. These are just the ones I played in at one time or another.

  3. somebody recently published rules for crossing over FLAILSNAILS with FASERIP

  4. Heck - I'd run ASE (dinosaur space dungeon cat men game) net Tuesday if I could get player. I started losing players was the problem. Heck I'd run Apollyon 6th level (there's a plague king that need killing) if I could get 4+ players every week.

  5. I also ran into the getting enough players issue. I figured the problem was no one liked me. :) Maybe we can compile a list of those who would be interested in playing FS games so we all have a joint mailing list as well as a comprehensive list of games being run?

  6. I hope to run a few more open FS games come the new year.

    I promise nothing, however.

  7. More meant that there was none on the list....but cool. :)

    The crossover rules I'd like to see...should be rather simple!

  8. I would like to play some old school D&D. I've been looking for a place for a while.

  9. I will be running a non-flailsnails Java Sea pirates game starting in March. I could open up monthly one-off sessions of that to FS as "ghost crews," screwing it up for all the more stable factions, if there's interest in that.

    The stable game will probably be in some dialect of Risus and mostly low fantasy/alt-historical. The FS incursion could be high gonzo. Imma think about it, if anyone's interested.

  10. I'd like to give it a try as a DM.

    I've played now in a couple of Billy Compton's Barrowmaze games so I've learned the rudiments of Google Hangouts and Roll20 and could be up to speed to GM pretty soon.

    I'd probably just use OD&D + a few house rules as the rules I'm most familiar with.

  11. Still belting away with Griffin Mountain (its been going years now, I have GM notes dated 2011!).

    I was running a Trav game, but I kind of wimped out as it was taking a lot of time to prep that and keep GM on the go.

    Mind you we did have a bit of fun with the Dying Earth RPG, I might try sticking the argument rules onto D&D and running that in the new year.