Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It Seems That WOTC Needs Old School DM's

Apparently they need shitloads of people to DM DnD Next at GenCon.

I dunno if this is a sign of 5e's popularity, or lack thereof, or a LFR protest, or something else.

It makes me wonder, how can they be requesting people to play/DM a game that is not complete yet?  Granted, I haven't been following the beta of 5e, so I have no idea where they are with it, but I know I would have heard if there was a "complete enough to play, pretty much what you see here is what the game is gonna be" version out there. 

Would most DM's feel comfortable dm'ing a skeleton of a game system?  It would likely turn into a freewheeling type of game, like a flailsnails game, with lots of winging it where the rules are concerned.  But then you're not playting 5e, are ya?  Or are ya?

Then again, how many new school DM's could pull such a game off and make it fun?  In my experience, the last generation of GM's seem too tied to rules heavy games to comfortably wing such a game and make it fun. 

Maybe WOTC should recruit a shitload of old schoolers to introduce people to their new game? 

That'd be fuckin' ironic.