Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Way Back Machine for new people coming into the OSR

I've given up questioning +James Raggi 's crazy business tactics, because no matter how nutty his ideas are when he tells them to me with manic energy and enthusiasm on G+ chat at 3 am, the shit actually works out.  His latest idea was to use Indie-GoGo  fund something to give away on Free RPG Day.  I'll be damned if he didn't get a shit-ton of money for it.

Now what he wants to do is gather a bunch of websites and blogs for those who find his product and are interested in the OSR.  People over on G+ (which seems to be the new playground of the OSR btw) are adding sites to his list.

This thing has been going on for what, five years?  This exploration of the old ways of gaming, the original source material, the history of the hobby?  Start dates vary, but in the early days there were not only amazing webpages and blogs, there were some posts from those bloggers that stood out as exceptional.  Shit that when you read it either changed your perspective, turned you on, helped you GET IT finally, or made you say FUCK YEAH! to the whole OSR thing.

My fear is that when you list all these webpages, some of which have thousands of posts, it will be overwhelming to the new guy trying to figure it all out.

Looking back into a old bookmark folder I set up in like '08 when I was first getting into the scene, I realized I not only bookmarked sites, I also bookmarked some individual posts.  One of them I think everyone knows about, Matt Finch's Quick Primer for Old School Gaming. 

Another one was written by +James Raggi,  and it's just as good now as it was then.  I wish he would do more stuff like this sometimes, but I know growing the business takes up most of his time (and his living room)  these days.

His post I Hate Fun is here.  Read it.

Please feel free to add in the comments here or over on G+ other such individual posts that either changed your perspective, turned you on, helped you GET IT finally, or made you say FUCK YEAH! to the whole OSR thing.


  1. Philotomy's musings were clutch. A shame they've vanished form the net. Also, Axe and Hammer wasn't archived nearly enough for my liking.

  2. I liked (and linked) to Raggi's site when he posted "fun" (pun intended) irreverent shit like that excellent post... when Lofp became a stream of ads however I stopped visiting. His site is emblematic of the glory days of the nascent OSR vs the mercenary/kick starter mess its become.

  3. As longshoreman-philosopher Eric Hoffer observed,

    “every great movement begins as a cause,
    eventually becomes a business,
    then degenerates into a racket.”

  4. Mine is an article in Knockspell #4 by Matt Finch, Megadungeon Tactics: Mission-Based Adventuring. A much better hook to Old School than the Primer, in my opinion. It plays to the OSR strengths without setting up a straw man New School moron as counter-example.

  5. As one of those new people coming in, let me say a hearty thank you.

  6. your blog is amazing. new follower!