Saturday, December 8, 2012

I love making up AD&D characters.

I know I shouldn't, but the reasons I shouldn't are the reasons I do.

I love having to look in the DMG for how many spells a MU gets in his spell book to start with.

I love having to look under ability scores to find out if a Thief gets a bonus to xp and for what.

I love having to look at three different tables in two different books just to find out what my final thief ability scores will be.

I love how saving throws for PC's are in the DMG.

I love not knowing how many weapons a character starts with until I read a small buried chart near the equipment section.

I love that you can't find out what weapons your class can use by reading your class description.

It's so damned quirky and organizationally fucked up that to put together a character takes some skill, a skill which can only be learned after years of browsing the books as a kid, because who the heck has the time to do that now.  Creating a character in AD&D is like a good romp down memory lane.

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  1. All those years of browsing stand me in good stead even today as I find I somehow 'know' where things are in the book without knowing how I know (if you see what I mean). Now, how to impart that vital information to the next generation, who (you are quite right to point out) seem not to have the time to browse as we did.