Saturday, September 1, 2012

Attention FLAILSNAILERS! Blood Island Awaits!

Do you have bloodied and scarred victorious survivors?   Flailsnails characters a bit too tough for other G+ games?

Welcome to Blood Island!

Viking Dragonships brave the stormy seas to carry you there, anchoring off the rocky shore.  You're lowered over the side in lifeboats, and storm the beach like it's D-Day.  

Set in the frigid Theilan Ocean, this mysterious island of chaos and abomination is the final resting place of many an adventurer.  They came for the gold, glory, and magic----and a few actually escaped to tell the tale. 

This is a hex/dungeon-crawl island setting, hundreds of miles across, that gets more dangerous the further inland you go.  Past adventurers tell stories of lost wizard towers, fantastic keeps, caves and dungeons, all filled with monstrous horrors, each guarding treasure and magic beyond imagining.  Some battle-scarred veterans speak of a massive pyramid at its center, legendary seat of the gods who created the world, which holds the secret to immortality.

Adventurers have their choice of entry points---some inhabited, all dangerous.  Characters of all levels are welcome to enter, but those of 4th level or higher have the best chance to return alive. 

This is an AD&D based Constantcon game, using the G+ Hangout.  Bring whatever Flailsnails character from whatever D&D-based system you want.  In an effort to get as many players as possible to experience the dangers and achieve the glory, I'm running it on various nights and days and times during the week.  It's a living setting, so what one group does affects the other groups' experiences.

The monsters are as unique and dangerous as I can create.  The magic is powerful, and often dual-edged.  The treasure is exotic and varied, easy to find, but hard to escape with.  Beware, it seems that some strange magic infects the island, as certain forms of fast and easy travel don't quite function as you would expect.  Feel free to cast those spells, I have plenty of random tables to let you know your doom.  :)

Let me know if you have a badass character with big balls who wants to give it a shot.  I'll add you to my invite list.  I know we all play in regular games on set nights and times, so I will try to arrange it so that everyone who wants to play can play.   List the best days and times for you to game, and I'll try to accommodate everyone.  (Please convert times to NY City time!)

The game starts in October.  Get ready!  Level up!  Loot the gold, buy the gear, hoard the spells and magic.  You'll need it.  :)