Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joe "Greyhawk Grognard" Bloch Pops his FLAILSNAILS Cherry

I threw together a last minute "Saturday Night Special" session of Castle Zagyg, and to my surprise and pleasure the Greyhawk Grognard joined up for his first FLAILSNAILS game.  He had never even done a G+ hangout before, so it was a true first.  He made up a first level character from his own system, Adventures Dark and Deep, a Mountebank, and he survived!  (Though he nearly died, going below zero by a few hitpoints....there was a debate on whether to use a potion to heal him...(my players are hardcore!)...but a fellow Greyhawk aficionado helped him out.)

I was a bit nervous, because I remember he did a  review on Castle Zagyg, and then did a  massive multi-level expansion to it, so the guy obviously knew his shit when it came to the module. Plus, I usually DM three or four sheets to the wind. It all worked out well though.  He had a good time, as did all the other players, and we were all happy to break in a new guy to our little FLAILSNAILS Club.  Joe actually mentioned that he may want to DM a Game here---perhaps Gamma World!  Hopefully everyone can spam the shit out of him with requests until he gives in and DM's one.  :)

Actually two new guys played tonight!  Scott Acker joined in the game near the tail end and played one of the PC's henchmen and kicked some mighty ass.  He will be rolling up a new character to set loose upon unsuspecting DM's. 

We all had a great time, they got some good xp, and the northern east wall tower has been cleared!  There is now a 2nd level Adventures Dark and Deep Mountebank let loose into the FLAILSNAILS  'verse, so beware!

I usually run this game a couple of Fridays a month at 9:30 EST, if anyone is interested.  Hope to see you there!