Sunday, August 12, 2012

Geek in Training

Yesterday I was playing Star Wars the Old Republic with my nephew.  He is 7 years old, and better than me at it.  It's a good time, we get on Skype and talk while we kill critters and take their stuff.  Works out well, because it gives his father time to mow the lawn and whatnot, while his 4 yr old triplet brother and sisters take a nap and his mother does mother stuff around the house.

Anyhow, he is an Avengers fanatic, so I told him about the Marvel Superheroes game I played with Zak Smith the night before and how fun it was.  I told him I played the Hulk, and some of the other guys who played with me.  When I got to Dr. Strange he says to me, with absolute total surety and confidence:

Matt:  "Dr. Strange is DC, not Marvel." 

Me:  "Really?  I didn't know that."

Matt:  "Yup.  DC.  Look out for the Imperials over there."

Me:  "Shit."

Me:  "Don't ever say shit Matt."

Matt:  "Mm  hmm."

In the meantime I'm thinking that his father and I are like Ralphie's Dad in the Christmas Story fighting the furnace, and if he says shit we should be happy if that's all he repeats.

So I Googled it today and it turns out Dr. Strange is Marvel.  But goddamn, do I have a geek in training or what?  At age 7 no less.  :)


  1. I think there's a character In the DC universe that is similar to Dr Strange, a powerful magic user...

  2. I'm trying to convert my nephew to geekdom. Starting small with mechwarrior lego sets, but if he goes for it, it's just going to get geekier from me. My sister doesn't suspect a thing...

  3. There's an Adam Strange in DC. And a Doctor Fate.