Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hit NYC, Got a Good Buzz with Tenkar.

It was a good day.  I hit NYC, ran a couple of errands, then joined Erik Tenkar of Tenkar's Tavern fame, for a run of a few stores and beer and burgers.   First we hit The Strand bookstore.  I think they call themselves the world's largest used bookstore.  I looked for older Moorcock books and the like, and came up empty, but Erik found an old book by Gygax. 

Next stop was the Compleat Strategist.  World's best gaming store.  I picked up the three AD&D reprints, as well as the ACKS hardcover.  Yeah, I could have gotten it off Amazon cheaper, but what the hell.  Have to support the FLGS, you know?  I also mentioned to Erik that I would love to get the original Traveler books, and he pulled the reprints off the shelf for me.  Perfect! 

Next up was a pub (with shamrocks on the outside, so you know its got to be good) right across the street from the CS.  Great Burger, Great Beer, and Great Bullshit session.  After a half dozen beers and a few shots, his son picked him up, and I walked it off to Washington Square Park, then took a cab up to Grand Central and took the train home.  Great day.

Love the reprints, btw. 

Great job WOTC.  There's something I thought I'd never say.