Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vesper's Diary: I Need a Nice Clean Assassination to Clear My Head.

A write-up on my ACKS campaign run by Tenkar on G+ on Saturday night, from the POV of my character Vesper, the Nightblade.

I'm through taking on quests given by podunk know-nothing human villagers.  First we're told that the dragon ate the maidens and died.  Then that the ghouls were the girls who were eaten.  Upon further questioning we found out that was impossible.  The corpses were never recovered, nor was the dragon ever seen again, so we have no idea if they are dead.  The age of the corpses and the sarcophagi clued me in to all this. All we have are some apparitions appearing on the side of the road, and some ghouls.  Turns out I was right and all that shit we saw down below was for a wizard trying for lichdom.  Being a weakling human wizard, naturally he failed.  Still, I took notes on what his process was.  You never know what truths he might have accidentally stumbled upon.

Anyhow, we cleared out most of the place, except for an obvious fire elemental trap.  We even found the would-be lich's corpse with some magic on it.  So it wasn't a total waste.

Even better, I managed to convince the village that there was a curse laid upon it and that it would certainly cost them all their gold and silver to lift said curse.  They are gathering up their valuables as I type this.  I have a sneaking suspicion that not much gold or silver will be left by the time we're done with this place.  Some of my companions actually want to try and buy a scroll to remove the curse with the money.  Fools.  We'll see how that goes. 

I may have to sneak back into the town once we leave and kill the head guy and take the gold, if I can't con him into giving it all to us.  A nice clean assassination would feel good anyhow.  All this fighting up front when the enemy has a fair chance to hit you is anathema to me.

Anyhow, tomorrow we are likely to leave for Blackmarsh, assuming we don't have too much to do with this whole curse thing.  I'll be happy to get there and see my brethren again and take a hot bath.  You know what they say—-lay down with humans and expect to get fleas.  Add a lizard man to the mix, and gods only know what I may have picked up.