Thursday, June 14, 2012

Prometheus Review: No Spoilers. And Top 10 D&D Rules They Broke

It didn't suck.  It wasn't great. 

The people on the ship obviously never played D&D.  Here's the top ten rules they broke:

1.  Never leave the weapons behind when exploring somewhere new and creepy.  Idiots.
2.  Never touch the gooey slimy shit.
3.  Never trust non-humans.
4.  Never trust humans.
5.  Never trust the unknown.  Everything in the universe is fucking hostile.
6.  Never count on the gods.  The gods don't give a fuck.
7.  Never be a fucking scrounge and go back for the treasure when there is a Category 67 Hurricane on its way.
8.  Never take your fucking airmask off, even when someone says "The air seems safe to breathe."
9.  Never split the group
10.  Never count on a happy ending.