Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Has G+ Replaced Blogs and Boards as your Primary RPG/Gaming/OSR Keepinguponshit Resource?

I seem to spend more time on G+ than in the other places.  Seems the boards I used to go to were slowly replaced by my bloglist, and now my bloglist is being replaced by G+.  We all  still post to our blogs, but I've noticed that we usually post the link to the blogpost on G+, and most of the discussion about the blogpost happens on G+.  Anyone else notice this?

Which leads me to a second point which I'll re-iterate here---please only add me to your DnD/RPG/Sci-fi/Fantasy type circles on G+.  It's not that I don't love your cute cat pictures, or a detailed list of what you drank on spring break in 1997, but seriously...take the time to look before you post and don't just post to "public."  You have less chance of ending up in someone's "Cat People" circle that way.