Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zagyg Expeditions Game One Write-up. More Expeditions Tonight and Tomorrow at 9 PM EST!

I hope all had a good time last night exploring the Chateau.  Some kobolds were slain, as well as a giant weasel, and a flock/swarm/gaggle? of giant rats.  Wounds were taken, but no one died. The perimeter was searched, the Chateau broken into, and a few rooms explored before the party decided to retreat to lick their wounds and regroup for another expedition (in other words, it was bedtime).

We started out with a few players, but more joined as the game went on.  We had:

+Chris Kusel who played Flak the fighter, 1st level.
+Chris Hale, a member of my PnP group, who played Kellan, 1st level Illusionist
+John Foster, who played Chuck the Runt, a first level Half-Orc F/T who made level 2 last night.  Congrats!
+James Lohman, who played a first level thief from C&C named RJ
+Claytonian JP, who played a 2nd level fighter from 4e named cHaiduk

They each received 750 xp when all was said and done.

However, they didn't find the key which would let them into the Castle Zagyg fog bank (rumored to be hidden somewhere in the Chateau.  They also missed some stuff in the rooms they did explore!!  Shhhhh... don't tell them that though).  They did retrieve a couple of valuable paintings, a saddle which makes the rider lighter (apparently Zagyg was a fatass),  a ring of protection, as well as some assorted coinage.  Maybe some other brave/insane group is up for the challenge?

Game two begins tonight (Saturday) at 9 pm EST!  Another game will run tomorrow (Sunday) night at 9 as well, for the full Zagyg Expeditions Weekend Experience.

From a DM's perspective, I wanted to play a bit in other peoples games, before taking the plunge to DM my own via G+.  My initial concern was speed of connection.  Early games were horrible for me.  Turns out it was due to my wireless connection.  Once I hardwired into my DSL it runs like a dream.  I was able to get into a bunch of games and play.

Once I got into the game, I decided to see what we could do for a whiteboard while the new players finalized their characters.  Advice:  The G+ app Cocoa, or whatever its called, that purports to let you draw stuff for all to see, sucks big fat monkeyballs.  It froze up two computers.  Pain in the ass.  I just used MS Paint and G+'s screenshare feature and it worked fine, with the added benefit that the players don't have to sit there and stare at my mug while playing. 

Once we were all playing, I really found that DM'ing a G+ game  is not a hell of a lot different than doing it around the table.  The only thing missing is the sharing of beer, chips, and pizza. It's fun.  I'm going to keep doing it on Friday nights at 9 pm EST, for any who are interested.  I submitted it to the ConstantCon Calendar, and it should appear soon.  This allows me to play in Tenkar's ACKS game, which he is going to get up and running for Saturday night.  Those games, combined with a bi-weekly-ish Sunday afternoon PnP LOTFP game which I DM, makes for a damn good D&D weekend!

Note to all my players, past and future, please feel free to send me feedback on the game, both what you liked and more importantly what you didn't like, so I can make it a better experience every time.  No sense doing something this often if you're not going to work on getting better at it.  :)

Hope to see you!