Friday, October 28, 2011

Unconventional Gaming

So I'm running a DnD campaign using LOTFP Grindhouse rules, and typing this with a Capt. Morgan buzz, so fuck typos. 

I find myself playing a neverending game.  By that I mean it continues in between the "official" game days in a lot of ways.

Here's some shit I find myself doing these days that I've never done before:

Between game days, we run PBEM (Play By E-Mail) to work out lots of stuff.  Very helpful in terms of details and world building.

The players email me specific stuff they want their characters to do on their own, like investigate the polititcal structure of a town.  I send them the info they are looking for.  Fills in the gaps, and lets me take the time to detail something I would normally take less time to do less thoroughly in-game.  Makes for a richer experience I think.

Players call me on the phone and we discuss ideas both in character and out of character.  Not that we geek out and talk in funny voices and shit, but we do say shit like "my character would do this..."

This weekend we can't get together formally, but we are going to try to do a Skype or Google Plus game for an hour tomorrow night, where the players take sides in a side battle that will indirectly affect their characters for good or for bad.  For some characters, more directly than indirectly.

The gameday never really ends.  It always ongoing, in one medium or another, all the time.

Here's the biggie---In-game, I usually have the characters roll almost everything the DM would roll, other than secret door search checks and the like.  For example, if there is a saving throw for the big bad guy, I elect a player to roll it to see if the bad guy makes it or not.  I let one player roll the attack roll for a bad guy who is attacking another player character.  I let another player roll the damage dice.  I let one player roll the dice to determine which PC  the big bad guy will attack that round---which is hilarious if he rolls for himself. Sometimes I let one player roll for initiative for the bad guys,  Is this sadistic?  I love it when a player has to roll for the opposition and the roll's outcome could potentially be something that fucks him, a party member, or the group as a whole. 

I do it in an effort to be transparent, and because it gives me a thrill to see how things will turn out.  I love the randomness of it all.  Plus, its a thrill to be sadistic I think :)

Anyhow, that's my update.

Anyone else do shit like this?  What else are you doing that I might want to try along these lines?