Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lyrics That Either Have or Could Have Inspired Awesome Game Sessions

We all know of songs that were inspired by some bit of fantasy literature, or even DnD.  Zeppelin comes to my mind most often in this regard.  (from like 2:50 on for a minute or so)

Let's flip that around.  Here's the question---have you ever had a specific bit of song lyric that inspired something in your game?  Either a monster, encounter, theme, adventure, or something else? If not, can you think of a part of a song's lyrics that you would love to do something with because it's so fucking awesomely evocative of something cool for DnD?

Name the song, specific part of the lyric, artist, album, and what you've done with it (or want to do with it), and tell us how it turned out.  It you want to be really cool, link to the YouTube video and tell us the minute/second mark of the lyric.  :)

Edit to add:  Maybe it's the 6-pack talking, and I know its hardly METAL!!! (though a great tune), but I'm thinking there is something that can be done with Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence.  There's some creepy shit in them thar lyrics...