Sunday, October 30, 2011

Looking for Apothecary/Alchemist/Herbalist/Poison Recipes/Formulas

Stuff that would fit something more old school in style.  In other words, don't have the concoction simply heal or harm for some numerical value on some stat or attribute, like newer editions do.  Looking for the oddball shit, like "Halts male pattern baldness, with the potential side effect of turning your fingernails purple."   I'm using LOTFP, but anything along that line that can be ported over to an older DnD style game would be much appreciated.

Even more of a bonus would be a list of places where to harvest some of the ingredients, like "The flower blooms only on the full moon if the full moon falls on the same day as the summer solstice."  Or, "Must be extracted from the brain of a living Unnderhuld, and there is a 10% chance upon extraction that the juice reacts violently with the air, causing noxious fumes..." 

That sort of thing.  Thanks!


  1. Are you looking for real, historical stuff of this sort, or something created for gaming?

  2. Something I can use in my game. Like, the pc's enter a shop of one of the 4 types and see on the shelves these things ----

    Or, the pc wants to be proficient in one of the 4 trades, and therefore would need to know the formulas and whereabouts and harvesting methods of some of the main ingredients.

    That sort of thing.

  3. I'm working on an alchemy document with (ahem) around several hundred of these formulas.

    Sadly we're still a couple of months out before it's completed. You can see some discussion on my blog underneath the alchemy tag.

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  5. I use the herb lists from Character Law & a couple of other old ICE supplements in the one-on-one game that I run for my wife. It has names/effects/habitat info. The effects are easy enough to convert to any version of D&D or a Retro. There is a "lite" version of Rolemaster available on the Net for free that might have a similar list but I haven't looked at it to know for certain. For formulas, you might want to look at this random alchemical recipes generator on Abulafia: No effects are generated but effects are the easy part.